The Open Source Podcast – Episode 5 | Network Service Modeling in ONAP with AT&T

One of the big talking points in the cloud networking world, and at the recent Mobile World Congress which has just concluded, is ONAP. This project is showing immense promise in bringing open, comprehensive network orchestration and automation to virtual network functions and physical devices.
In fact, our partner ASOCS just announced their demonstration of a fully virtualized RAN with ONAP orchestration powered by Cloudify. Read more about all of our partners in the Cloud Native VNF Explosion post by our CTO, Nati Shalom.

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In this vein, we wanted to bring even more great discussion about the ONAP project to highlight key aspects of the powerful platform and where it is headed. So we brought together a great panel which included some of the core developers from the AT&T team who started working on ECOMP as well as one of Cloudify’s ONAP committers to the SO project to break down some of the important technical concepts and aspects of the project in this latest episode of The Open Source Podcast which we recorded just before MWC.

We also brought in Amir Levy, Cloudify’s Director of Technical Market Development who works on various open source governing bodies, including ONAP, to give us a comprehensive understanding of what ONAP is, why it was created, and the value it brings to the industry as a whole.

The podcast naturally segued into how the design time and run time components work in ONAP. We were also given more information about how TOSCA, the open source topology orchestration standard, is involved in many aspects of the ONAP workflow modeling. Read our posts on Cloudify’s involvement in ONAP to learn more.
Finally, the AT&T team also gave a breakdown of the vCPE use case in ONAP and how this complex network service is production-ready with ONAP.
In this podcast, we had the following panelists:
Amir Levy – Director of Technical Market Development, Cloudify
DeWayne Filppi – Senior Software Architect, Cloudify
Eden Rozin – Product Manager, AT&T
Michael Lando – Software Developer, AT&T
Roy Ben Hai – Software Developer, AT&T
We hope you enjoy the episode and please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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