OpenStack & Beyond Podcast – Episode 1 | NFV & SDN in the Cloud

OpenStack & Beyond Podcast Returns With Hosts Shlomo Swidler and Nati Shalom | May 4, 2015
The OpenStack & Beyond podcast is back in a new incarnation, having rebranded from the OpenStack Israel podcast, with host Shlomo Swidler of Orchestratus now joined by our own Nati Shalom to discuss everything new with OpenStack and in the cloud world.

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Our guests for this podcast:
Axel Clauberg, VP Infrastructure Cloud & Aggregation, Transport, IP, Deutsche Telekom AG who is leading one of the most ambitious NFV projects based on OpenStack today, and the person who actually helped coined the phrase NFV and instigate the establishment of  the ETSI ISG (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) on NFV.
Axel Clauberg joined Deutsche Telekom AG in September 2011. Within the Group CTO team, Axel is responsible for DT’s Aggregation, Transport & IP strategy, within Deutsche Telekom Technik, he is VP for Infrastructure Cloud. Axel has more than 30 years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry. From 1998 until August 2011, he had various international leadership roles at Cisco Systems, his last role was Sales CTO in Cisco’s Emerging Markets theatre.
Since December 2011, Axel represents DT in the Open Networking Foundation Board of Directors. He was recently appointed as an Advisory Director for the MEF Board and as board member for Lightreading’s New-IP.
Scott Lowe, is a blogger, speaker, best-selling author, and IT industry veteran, as well as a VMWare Engineering Architect for his day job who focuses his time and efforts on open source, cloud computing, virtualization, networking, and related data center technologies. Scott currently works for VMware, Inc., in the NSX group, but is known for the independent views and knowledge he provides to the technical community.  Visit Scott’s blog at or follow him on Twitter at @scott_lowe.
With Axel’s in-depth and hands-on telecom experience, and Scott’s extensive industry perspective, there were many interesting sides of the story to hear.
You can listen to the episode here:

Below are some sound bites and discussions from our episode:
NFV – is it a market trend or just hype?

VMWare Integrated Openstack

Dealing with integrating orchestration platforms

The relationship between NFV and SDN
High Availability in the enterprise

The importance of Neutron to IPv6

The open source NFV orchestration landscape
The role of containers (such as with Docker) in NFV and OpenStack

And, as Nati Shalom stated regarding this industry: “The only constant is change.”

Enjoy the podcast, and stay tuned for more episodes on our Facebook page.


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