• cloudify terraform azure

    Azure ARM vs Terraform vs Cloudify

    In this article we’ll take a look at some of the leading technologies in the cloud orchestration space: Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Hashicorp Terraform, and Cloudify.  All three offerings have different approaches and philosophies, and all have their place in the ecosystem.  Let’s take a… Read More
  • Cloudify Tech Talk Podcast 5g new wave devops

    Podcast | Episode Twelve – New Wave DevOps

    Featuring a Sean Tucker from AGC Partners, this episode discusses a new wave of DevOps, developer led tooling, adoption waves driven by necessity, and the cloud and edge purchase realities of telco in a world of 5g. _______ _______ Supporting Assets: Cloud Orchestration Language Roundup: A… Read More
  • Cloudify 5G network slicing Devops IoT

    DevOps, 5G & IoT Success

    The telco industry typically sees new software going live within 1-2 years; in the world of 5G, this simply won’t cut it. It’s safe to say that the telco industry must significantly shorten its time to market in order to be considered a viable infrastructure partner for the… Read More
  • Ansible-Terraform-Cl

    Ansible, Terraform and Cloudify

    In a previous post, (Ansible Vs Terraform) we’ve seen how Terraform and Ansible are command-line-oriented tools that are complimentary, rather than adversarial,  when it comes to capability.  It’s pretty safe to say that lifecycle management of infrastructure lends itself… Read More
  • Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Deployments with AWS EKS and Outpost

    Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Deployments with AWS EKS and Outpost

    Challenges and failures in handling multi-cloud and hybrid projects (a.k.a digital transformation projects) are no secret – in fact I have been covering this extensively over the past year, most recently (and perhaps most loudly) in my recent Forbes contribution (Our Gritty Digital Transformation Reality… Read More
  • Cloudify podcast 11 FINOS

    Podcast | Episode Eleven – All things FINOS

    This session talks about FINOS (the Fin-tech Open Source foundation), a community creating open-source oriented solutions for financial services. This episode features special guests James McLeod, Director of Community at FINOS, and Amol Shukla, an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley talking all things FINOS, DevOps mutualization, banking and tech.  _______… Read More
  • telco

    The Public Cloud Effect on Telcos

    The telecommunications industry is going through a period of significant transition. Having been disrupted by digital-native companies from across the media and internet, telecom owned voice, data, and messaging services are under threat. They must transform their operations and business models to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations. Read More
  • Implementing 5G Network Slicing with Cloudify on AWS

    Cloudify and AWS: The Perfect Partnership for 5G Network Slicing

    We are incredibly proud to partner with Amazon AWS as they re-write how network and edge automation and 5G can be done in a post public cloud world. This is the first fully cloud-native, agile-first approach that turns processes that once took months and years into weeks, days, and hours. Read More
  • Cloudify podcast devops market trends

    Podcast | Episode Ten – Beyond Infrastructure: DevOps Market Trends for 2021

    Not your standard DevOps discussion: this session delves into DevOps, but not as you might know it. Featuring special guests Dov B. Katz – Managing Director and Distinguished Engineer at Morgan Stanley who looks at how highly regulated businesses are adopting DevOps and how automation can simplify some regulatory processes. Read More
  • Cloudify | Ansible Terraform

    Ansible vs Terraform

    Ansible and Terraform are two popular command line DevOps tools that provision and configure servers.  Ansible is the more mature of the two, originating in 2012 and eventually acquired by Red Hat in 2015.  Terraform is a Hashicorp product and was first released in 2014.  This article… Read More
  • Cloudify | Is There a Mutual Future for Serverless and DevOps

    Is There a Mutual Future for Serverless and DevOps

    DevOps plays a prominent role in the culture and workflow of software engineering, handling crucial tasks such as building, testing, deployment, and monitoring, and facilitating collaboration amongst teams writing the source code. DevOps also handles automation approaches, applying automated testing (CI),  and automated deployment (CD) to the software… Read More
  • zdnre cloudify cloud trends 2021

    WATCH | Cloudify CEO Talks to ZDNet on ‘Cloud Trends for 2021’

    Watch as our CEO Ariel talks to ZDNet’s Larry Dignan on all things ‘Cloud Trends’ for 2021:  ZDNet’s Larry Dignan talks with Ariel Dan on the future of private clouds, multi-cloud adoption, and the maturity of Kubernetes and open… Read More
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