• ServiceNow and Cloudify - 5 Tips for ServiceNow Success

    ServiceNow and Cloudify – 5 Tips for ServiceNow Success

    Anyone who has been in IT for a while knows that having great tools is necessary but not sufficient to achieve success. To gain true value from your tools and technology, you need to put the right processes in place to drive business change. This article will take you through… Read More
  • ServiceNow and Cloudify - Value Stream Management

    ServiceNow and Cloudify – Value Stream Management

    Combining today’s top DevOps technologies to enable the practice of Value Stream Management is the dream of IT leaders in multiple industries. ServiceNow and Cloudify takes that dream and makes it a reality. Automated operations that once required hiring additional DevOps engineers are now part of the day-to-day workflow. Read More
  • terraform cloudify

    Running Terraform with Cloudify (Part 2)

    In the previous article Running Terraform with Cloudify Part 1 we have covered how to create a blueprint for a dedicated Terraform template. What You’ll learn In this article we will create a generic blueprint. The blueprint receives the inputs Terraform version, the URL/Git path, variables and… Read More
  • infrastructure automation devops

    Your Quick Guide to Infrastructure Automation for DevOps

    Devops is a popular approach to the software development lifecycle that seeks to improve the quality and frequency of software releases.  This article examines the practice of Devops, the role of automation, and the opportunities for unheard of efficiency in the delivery of software as a result of the virtualization… Read More
  • terraform cloudify

    Running Terraform with Cloudify (Part 1)

    In this article we will be using some basic functionalities such as: Basic knowledge on TerraformInputs — for parametrizationIntrinsic functions — to work with credentials and pass the inputs to terraform templateCapabilities — Exposing terraform outputs If you are not familiar with how to work with the items… Read More
  • cloudify solving cloud management challenges

    Solving Cloud Management Challenges

    Cloud Management is an ever changing element of the work we do as automation engineers. Oftentimes, we are looking at a number of different platforms both on-prem and in the cloud. The amount of resources in our charge increases almost daily thanks to many advances in software engineering and automation. Read More
  • cloudify devops servicenow

    Cloudify & ServiceNow: Taking Your IT-SM and DevOps to the Next Level

    As a modern and forward-thinking company, you’ve invested in the latest technologies to power your business. You’ve got an excellent IT Service Management (ITSM) or DevOps toolset, and you’re now looking to take things to the next level with your operations.  You want to merge your IT and Business… Read More

    AWS EKS vs. ECS vs. Fargate: The Breakdown

    Amazon provides multiple options for managing containers on their platform, including: Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), AWS Fargate (a serverless computer engine for containers) While they all aim to provide similar value when it comes to container management there are some fundamental differences that make the choice… Read More
  • cloud-automation-via-orchestration

    Cloud Automation: Extended through orchestration

    It’s time to talk about cloud automation as more than just a buzzword. True cloud automation helps reign many manual activities to provide efficient and repeatable operations. The application of cloud automation solutions is an opportunity to work towards the benefits of its implementation. Including, increased velocity, triggered workflows, and… Read More
  • 2_IACI_BlogImage_Option1-1

    Cloud Computing Industry Report: AWS, Azure, and GCP

    Cockroach Labs, creators of the distributed SQL database CockroachDB, recently released a report that benchmarks raw system and database transaction performance on some of the big players in the cloud computing industry: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP.  While conducted with the needs of their database product… Read More
  • Docker vs Kubernetes

    Docker vs. Kubernetes

    If you are here, you are like many others in devops that are looking to find out the differences between Docker vs. Kubernetes. Interestingly, a comparison of one against the other is probably not the right direction. This is because they are both functionally different, but Kubernetes extends Docker functionality… Read More
  • cloudify intel telco

    Transforming Telecom with an Agile-First Approach

    I was pleased to participate recently in a webinar with distinguished panelists* from AWS, Capgemini Engineering, and Intel to discuss how carriers might better position themselves to monetize their 5G strategies. Our conversation centered on an ‘agile-first’ approach to software development—applying DevOps best practices to highly distributed 5G networks. Read More
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