Podcast | Episode Twenty One – ‘Open-Source from a DevOps Perspective’ ft Hila Fish, Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix.com

Ft Hila Fish, Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix.com, this episode take a deep dive into open source from a DevOps angle. A touch on DevOps culture, DevOps and Open-Source, Use case of open-source software incorporated at work, Amazon/GCP role on stirring open source to where it’s at right now, and a general discussion about Open-Source & SaaS alternatives, a brief review of key indicators that will help you choose the open-source project for integrating in your environment, how can you contribute to open source without code contribution.

About Hila Fish: Hila started her affair with computers as a little girl, carrying Floppy disks around and installing stuff on her friends’ computers. Her official entry to the tech industry started at the army, and later she worked in companies like 888, Taboola, Palo Alto Networks, and currently Wix.com – With the vision to enhance and stabilize the business by taking care of its infrastructure. In her spare time, Hila is a lead singer of a cover band, giving back to the community by co-organizing DevOps-related events (DevOpsDays TLV, StatsCraft), mentoring in OpsSchool (an Israeli local DevOps Course) and other communities, and sharing her passion and knowledge whenever possible.



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