Tech Roundup | CI/CD Meets Orchestration – Cloudify & Jenkins

It’s time to take a tech deep dive into CI/CD, Jenkins and Cloudify.

Programmatic access to Cloudify Manager is available through an official REST API. The two other access methods — namely, the CLI and the UI — both use the same official REST API. When working with Jenkins, automating Cloudify-related tasks becomes a challenge. Interacting with Cloudify would require placing curl commands in “Execute Shell” build steps or pipeline steps, tedious error-prone code for parsing results and so forth. The Jenkins plugin for Cloudify comes to address these issues, significantly reducing the effort required to create and maintain Jenkins artifacts (jobs and pipelines) that use Cloudify. Read the full article here, written by our own Isaac Shabtay.



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Founded in 2012, Cloudify has robust financial backing from Intel Capital, VMware, BRM Group, Claridge and other leading strategic and financial investors. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and holds offices across the US and Europe. Cloudify specializes in network orchestration, network automation, everything multi-cloud; providing orchestration solutions for expert orchestration software.