Cloudify Laptop Setup Simplified


As mentioned in my previous post, there is a Vagrant box available that cuts through the complexity of setting up a box yourself.  For convenience, I’ll share the steps described elsewhere, with some minor tweaks.  In this way you can have a running Cloudify manager with far fewer steps.

Cloudify – try it quickly and easily on your desktop. Just vagrant up .  Go

System Preparation

You should have at least 2GB of RAM to spare to run the manager and the blueprint, and preferable more.   To grab the latest VirtualBox   and install it.  Once VirtualBox is installed, then install Vagrant as described here.  Create a directory (say “cfy”), and “cd” to it.

Get And Start The Cloudify Manager Box

Download this Vagrantfile to your local directory. Then, run the command:
vagrant box add

Be patient as the download is large and will take awhile.  Now type:
vagrant up
Once Vagrant completes, you have a running Cloudify manager sufficient in size to run the Nodecellar example.  If you have more memory to spare, and want to experiment with larger deployments, you can edit the Vagrantfile and increase the value in the “–memory” line.  You can access your new Cloudify manager either via the web UI, or via command line: “vagrant ssh”.
To install the sample Nodecellar application, please refer to the guide for step by step instructions.


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