VMware and Athonet Demo the Fastest Deployment of a Virtualized LTE Mobile Packet Core and VoLTE Service with Cloudify

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At Interop Tokyo on June 8th, the team at VMware, under the management of Vanessa Little, demonstrated the deployment of an Athonet’s vEPC and vIMS VNFs on VMware vCloud Director with Cloudify’s orchestration framework. The demo blew away the judges and won the Interop Tokyo “Best of Show” award!

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The demonstration consisted of Athonet’s vEPC and vIMS virtual network functions, the vEPC providing cell service and the vIMS providing video calling capabilities. The VNF on-boarding was made possible with Cloudify’s orchestration capabilities, along with real-time scaling. The VNFs were then chained to physical devices that provided a cellphone tower. Vanessa was able to demo the complete on-boarding and deployment on VMware’s vCloud Director, and place an actual video call on the system, within only 8 minutes. That’s quite a feat!

This is a really exciting demonstration that captures Cloudify’s unique ability to on-board VNFs in a production environment for telecoms. We are working closely with VMware on many other joint projects as well and expect to have a lot more to show in the future.
For now, if you are interested in testing out your own VNF on-boarding with Cloudify, feel free to check out our NFV Lab where you will be given training on the basics of NFV and your own virtual environment to test blueprint deployments.
And don’t forget to join us at the OPNFV Summit booth #C01 to talk all about NFV orchestration.


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