Webinar: How AWS, Intel, Capgemini, and Cloudify can help carriers embrace an ‘agile-first’ approach and win big in 5G

September 14, 2021, 11:00am EDT

Telcos are discovering that the prevailing model of software delivery, in which it can take 1-2 years to push major new features live, is not going to fly in the new reality of 5G. For these fully software-defined networking environments, telcos must adopt DevOps principles that cloud-native developers have popularized.

Join a distinguished industry panel on September 14 for a webinar for ideas and insights from AWS, Capgemini Engineering, Intel, and Cloudify. Attendees will learn how Carriers that successfully navigate this transformation will be better positioned to monetize their 5G strategies. Panelists will describe an ‘agile-first’ approach—applying DevOps best practices to highly distributed 5G networks—that will help carriers and vendors speed their transformations and reduce risk in the process.

Webinar attendees will hear debate and ideas around relevant topics including:

  • strategic differences between the models 5G innovators Rakuten and Dish are following
  • the role standards will play in the agile-first journey
  • how the enterprise model of DevOps compares to the one Carriers must embrace
  • frequency of changes to RAN and Edge in new services/apps, configurations, and network slicing
  • the role 5G vendors must play in an agile-first world
  • enterprise 5G: changing wireless vendors ecosystems, startups in the market, and how Carrier vendors will be impacted

Expert panelists for this webinar include:

  • Sameer Vuyyuru, Head of WW Business Development for Communication Service Providers at AWS
  • Shamik Mishra, CTO Connectivity at Capgemini Engineering
  • Wie Yeang Toh, Senior Director Network Platforms Group at Intel
  • CTO Connectivity, CTO and Founder at Cloudify

The panel will be moderated by Petar Torre, Solutions Architect at Intel. 

In the world of 5G, there is going to have to be a solution for new software that takes 1-2 years to launch. Join this collaboration of players as they discuss an ‘agile first’ approach to solving this problem. Register today and join us on September 14.


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