Case Studies

Learn How Cloudify Is Delivering Real-World Cloud Native Transformation Across Industries

FICO Rolls Out Core Business Applications in Hours with Cloudify

With Cloudify, FICO saved record time on deployment, from days to hours and a 60% increase in velocity and a boost in time-to-value.

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Orchestrating & Enabling Big Data for Major Reinsurance Company

How Cloudify allowed large reinsurance company to seamlessly orchestrate and automate vast amounts of big data saving time and preventing vendor lock in.

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Orchestration & Automation at Scale for Large Global Bank

How Cloudify continues to enable one of North America’s largest banks to seamlessly orchestrate and automate applications at scale.

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Belgium’s Largest Telco uses Cloudify for NFV MANO

How Cloudify provided adoption of a virtualized network, overall improving ability to scale at significantly lower costs than previous solutions.

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