Belgium’s Largest Telco uses Cloudify for NFV MANO

NFV Management and Orchestration for Belgium's Largest Telecommunications Company

How Cloudify provided adoption of a virtualized network, overall improving ability to scale at significantly lower costs than previous solutions.

Cloudify Case-study NFV

The Client

Belgium’s largest telecommunications provider and operator, providing numerous services ranging from mobile connectivity to 5G. This publicly traded company is made up of over 14,000 employees and has an annual revenue of over 6 billion Euro.

The Challenge

This Telco company had the majority of their database infrastructure restricted by its hardware based network. This inevitably lead to issues when it comes to scaling and management as well as higher costs.

The goal was to make the move to a virtualized cloud network via a NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) approach, resulting in easier and  management and orchestration at a greatly reduced cost.


Technical Use Case

With Cloudify in play, this Telco company was able to deploy its NFV adoption strategy and start its digital transformation journey. Cloudify’s open source cloud management and network orchestration software features a number of NFV-specific plugins and blueprints to model VNFs. Additionally, Cloudify boasts the ability to support physical networks, making it the perfect tool for this use case.

Why Cloudify

Leveraging the telco friendly TOSCA language and compatibility with numerous existing technologies. Cloudify’s open source technology lowers the adoption barriers for NFV and accelerates VNF on-boarding. Via NFV adoption and using Cloudify as an orchestration and management tool, this Telco company was able to set up their virtual network in a fashion that will allow for consistent scaling, easy management and overall lower costs. Cloudify also gives the company the ability to easily transfer from their physical hardware network to the cloud, and ensures no future vendor lock-in.

The Outlook

This Telco now enjoys seamless orchestration and now has the ability to future-proof against any possible tech addition to its operations.

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