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Cloudify is proud to be building an ecosystem of Cloud Native VNF partners to help with the transition from non-virtualized all the way through Cloud Native network function. Cloudify has been chosen as the OEM partner for some of the leading VNFs in the market.

If your VNF isn’t yet a Cloud Native VNF, it needs to be one.

While the NFV, revolution is still underway, the transition to Cloud Native VNF has now begun the disruption in the NFV world, touching both on changes to the architecture (to accommodate hyper-scale and multi-tenancy) as well as a business model that needs to be more consumption based, rather than fixed.
Cloudify has been assisting leading network function and VNF providers make the transition from non-virtualized to virtualized, and then quickly achieve Cloud Native capabilities, as well. Cloudify, as a leading open source NFV orchestrator based on TOSCA, helps map the new VNF landscape, along with its diversity of requirements from performance, placement, service function chaining, configuration and more, in order to build a true cloud native network function across VIMs.
Our experience spans the full suite of VNFs Рfrom vIMS, to vEPC, VoLTE, vFirewall, vRouters or vCPE РCloudify can help give you an idea on what you need in order to add dynamic services required today for your existing non-virtualized or virtual network function, and make it  cloud native.
Learn more about how Metaswitch, Fortinet, ASOCS, Netnumber, 6Wind, Kapsch & Advantech are leveraging Cloudify for VNF management.

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Cloud Native VNF Partners

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