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Cloud provisioning is made easier and more accessible using Cloudify’s comprehensive platform. Cloudify enables DevOps to take advantage of day two capabilities for full cloud provisioning lifecycle management. Whether you’re using Terraform, Ansible playbooks, or in-house custom scripting, Cloudify can take your existing multi-cloud provisioning automation to the next level by adding day two operations such as auto scaling, auto healing, and more.

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Cloud Provisioning Lifecycle Management

Your organization has multi-tier applications, and you’ve deployed them through your existing automation tools. What comes next? How are you managing those deployed applications in their various environments? What is your strategy when the application needs to be scaled up, and then scaled down due to traffic demands? Enterprise IT applications require adaptability to rapidly changing environments, whether in cloud resources, different services, or other infrastructure demands. How will you respond to these variables?

cloud provisioning lifescycle management

Full Cloud Provisioning Automation

If you need a full automated DevOps provisioning solution including infrastructure and networking, Cloudify is your platform of choice. Cloudify is a full orchestration platform, offering the added benefit – beyond automated provisioning – of monitoring and management, for full closed loop automation.

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Cloud Provisioning Cloudify

Existing Provisioned Environments and Cloud Provisioning tools

If you’re already provisioning infrastructure with existing cloud provisioning tools like Ansible, Terraform, or others, Cloudify can plugin to these and provide much needed added benefits and capabilities. With day two operations such as auto scaling, auto healing, and more, Cloudify’s tools make DevOps job easier and more effective while supporting the day-to-day operations and managing rapid and ever changing demand fluctuations they need to cope with – beyond standard automated provisioning tools

closed loop automation

Closed Loop Automation

With built-in capabilities for closed-loop monitoring, Cloudify can react to different scenarios based on changes to the service. Administrators can utilize their own external metrics and policy engines, and plug them into the Cloudify orchestration platform. This allows them to set KPI’s in the blueprint policies, and allows auto-remediation of specific actions that the systems take based on those KPI triggers. For example if on your instance the CPU threshold is set at 60% for a scale up action, once the monitoring is triggered, Cloudify will take the necessary action, in this case scaling up the instance.  

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