Cloudify 4.2 - Multi-Stack Interoperability, Robust Security, and Network Virtualization

Cloudify Delivers Multi-Stack Interoperability for Kubernetes & Robust Security, Bridging the Gap Between Application & Network Virtualization

Recorded Webinar

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Tune in as we unveil the new capabilities for Cloudify 4.2; continuing the journey toward becoming an even stronger cloud management and orchestration solution.
Cloudify 4.2 enhances interoperability through advanced integrations with leading technologies. It adds advanced features in the areas of security, isolation and fine-grained control, and introduces new features that provide insights and analytics on resource usage cost management.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) improvements, make managing your organization even smoother
  • Enhanced Security, including SAML authentication
  • Enhanced user experience, including a new version of the Cloudify Composer
  • Groundbreaking Kubernetes integration with the new Kubernetes plugin
  • Open Q&A

Duration: 60 Minutes
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