Cloudify 7.0.1 Release Notes

June 25, 2023

  • Hashicorp Vault Integration
  • Environment Management Enhancements
  • CFY Lint
  • VS Code Extension LSP
  • Composer
  • DSL 1.5
  • Helm and Kubernetes Plugins
  • Cloudify Manager Deployment with Helm
  • Terraform Plugin OPA Support
  • Snapshots
  • Upgrade Process
  • Deprecated Functionality

Hashicorp Vault Integration

Customers that store credentials on the vault can now use them in any Cloudify blueprint. Cloudify can retrieve keys and credentials stored on multiple vault servers.

  • The secret information is encrypted and not stored on the manager
  • The Operator can map the secret value on the vault to any secret key

Environment Management Enhancements

Environment management is a key Cloudify platform strength. The following enhancements were made to the environment management capabilities.

  • Operators can create new environments and specify the values that will be propagated to the service in the environment. Now, this can be done from the interface without writing DLS.
  • Enhancement to deploying services on environments, including easier stacking environments and services with the new option to choose an environment when the operator creates a new deployment.

CFY Lint

Cloudify introduces the CFY-Lint a linter to assist in blueprint development which allows for detection and fixing errors when writing a blueprint.

In 7.0, we added auto-fix functionality that enables users to apply an automatic fix for certain errors that cfy-lint discovers.

VS Code Extension LSP

The Cloudify VS Code extension uses VS Code’s language server protocol to suggest auto-completion and documentation resources when editing Cloudify Blueprints in VS Code. It also integrates with cfy-lint to display syntax and style errors while editing Cloudify Blueprints in VS Code.


The Blueprint composer introduces functionality enabling the developer to graphically create and edit a blueprint, the latest update includes the following enhancements.

  • Node types
  • Individual properties editing
  • Intrinsic function

DSL 1.5

Cloudify updated the Blueprint DSL, enabling the following enhancements to allow faster and cleaner development.

  • Single Credentials Definition pre Plugin
    Plugin’s default credential can be defined once for the entire blueprint in the plugins definition section
  • Dynamic Input Governance
    • Input can have a predefined options list specified in a secret
    • It’s possible to specify a list of valid values for an input and store them in a secret
  • Node Types – Runtime Properties Definitions
    The runtime properties can now be registered in the node definition, This enables the developer to see which properties the node type will produce just by looking at the used node’s type definition without exploring the documentation or plugin code.
  • Workflow Parameters are Now Able to Obtain Values from Intrinsic Functions
    Intrinsic functions deliver information from the deployment nodes and the Cloudify manager, which now can be used to parameterize workflows.

Helm and Kubernetes Plugins

  • Detect status, drift, and update Helm and k8s Resources.
  • The Helm plugin supports status, drift, and update operations, enabling users to check the status of a Helm deployment, detect drifted resources, and update the underlying blueprint and charts.

Resources deployed with the Helm plugin now support the following day-2 operation out of the box.

  • The availability and existence of the resource can be verified with the status workflow
  • Failed resources can be revived with the heal workflow
  • Cloudify can check the configuration of the resources and verify it didn’t change from the intended configuration with the drift workflow
  • The provisioned resources can be modified to a new configuration with the update workflow

Cloudify Manager Deployment with Helm

  • Cloudify Microservices Helm chart
  • New Helm chart that deploys Cloudify as microservices for scalable K8s manager deployments

Terraform Plugin OPA Support

Integration with Open Policy Agent was added to Terraform plugin. The integration evaluates the decision of a Terraform plan against the Open Policy Agent (OPA) policy.


The snapshot mechanism was updated to reduce downtime in taking and restoring snapshots

Upgrade Process

Customers that are running an existing Cloudify Premium can upgrade to version 7.0 in two ways. A snapshot from a previously supported version can be restored on a new Cloudify Manager 7.0. Customers that have Cloudify Manager 6.4.x can perform an in-place upgrade.

Customers that are running Cloudify Version lower than 6.4 can perform in-place upgrades in two steps. The first one is an in-place upgrade to version 6.4 and then an in-place upgrade to 7.0.

Deprecated Functionality

The following commands were deprecated:

  • cfy logs
    The enhanced cfy log-bundles should be used to obtain logs of various manager nodes and components
  • cfy ssh
    The cfy ssh command should no longer be used to ssh into the manager

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