Cloudify Training – Accelerate Service Package

Cloudify Accelerate Service Package

The full Cloudify end to end cloud automation architecture solution

Cloudify will provide you with a comprehensive, end-to-end cloud automation architecture solution, based on Cloudify’s platform, dedicated to your case specific requirements and needs.
This package is intended for organizations looking to take full advantage of Cloudify for their entire cloud environment, from automating simple workloads, to fully orchestrating hybrid clouds, networking aspects, and integration with existing tools.

Value for You:

  • Accelerate time to market by enabling cloud architecture platform in minimum effort for customer, based on Cloudify expertise and knowledge
  • Mitigate risk of migration or change of cloud architecture
  • Define and design additional plugins and workflows according to customer requirements analysis

Key Activities:

  • Customer to present business use cases and environment
  • Cloudify Basic Training tailored to customer preference
  • Use case analysis and how Cloudify can be leveraged for each use case
  • Implementation of end-to-end cloud automation and specific blueprints, including dedicated plugins and workflows
  • Assist and support Cloudify deployment on customer premises


  • 1-3 Days basic training (based on customer needs)
  • 1 Day admin training
  • 2 Days analysis workshop
  • X Days for implementation
  • X Days Go-Live
  • X Days consulting according to requirements


  • Available key personnel, technical and managerial, for on-site sessions
  • Details of Cloud specification and requirements

Upon completion you will have a full grasp of the Cloudify tools and ecosystem, fitting it to your environment, Cloudify blueprints, additional plugins, and workflows for your cloud environment, along with comprehensive documentation for your specific needs.

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