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central orchestration

'Orchestrator of Orchestrators'

Built-in integration with infrastructure orchestration domains including AWS Cloud formation, Azure ARM, Ansible and Terraform.

Hybrid cloud Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages) Of Hybrid Cloud

Everything as

Service Composition Domain-Specific Language (DSL) – simplifies the relationship between services, handling cascading workflows, shared resources, distributed life-cycle management and more.


Kubernetes Management

Orchestration of cloud native Kubernetes services across multiple clusters:  OpenShift, GKE, EKS, AKS and KubeSpray. Access a built-in blueprint to automate cluster setup and configuration.

Native Cloud

Native CI/CD Support

Built-in integration with Jenkins and other CI/CD platforms providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrating all orchestration domains to your CI/CD pipeline.



Cloudify is designed for simplified operations, enhancing the level of information the user can get while reducing the level of Cloudify expertise needed.


Customizable Portal and Catalog Service

Cloudify provides a highly customized (white-labeled optional) catalog and portal framework that is suitable for providing a self-service experience and is tenant-aware.



Cloudify provides reusable component abstraction. Anything can be modelled in a descriptive language: IaaS, clouds, configuration management tools, SDN components, NFV components, and more.

cloud security

Enhanced Security and RBAC support

Cloudify provides complete security for all internal and external resources: secret store, internal communication channels, multi-tenancy and RBAC support (to control who gets access to which resource).

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