ServiceNow + Cloudify

Take Your IT Service Management and DevOps Operations to the Next Level with Automatic Provisioning and Day-2 Operations of Certified Environments

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Give Developers, Data Scientists, and QA Engineers a Better DevOps Experience with Less Effort

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Scale your DevOps team without extra hires

Moving all provisioning requests to automated workflow through ServiceNow

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Remove repeatable tasks and unproductive operations

Making room for DevOps to work on the stuff that really matters

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Optimize environment structures

Allowing DevOps, IT, and Cloud teams to focus on environment design architectures

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Keep your Stakeholders delighted

Provision environments efficiently 24/7 for ServiceNow Service Catalog

Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Cloudify's ServiceNow integration delivers 'Environment-as-a-Service' (EaaS) workflows to your organization, allowing you to:

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Share your certified environments in ServiceNow’s service catalog

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Automate infrastructure requests, such as delivery of authorized development, testing, and production environments

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Manage approval flows to ensure that cloud operations are authorized through appropriate channels

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Conduct standard, pre-approved environment changes that do not require human involvement

How Does It Work?

For DevOps, IT and Cloud teams

Setup your certified environments

  • Group 33@2x Import existing automation templates and scripts into Cloudify
  • Group 738@2x Merge them into blueprints and define your certified environments
  • Hybrid Cloud, Kubernetes, and Terraform Publish certified environments to ServiceNow users

For ServiceNow users, developers, data scientists, and QA engineers

Provision certified environments and perform day-2 operations directly from ServiceNow

  • Group 1106@2x Select a certified environment from ServiceNow Service Catalog
  • Group 752@2x Perform initial provisioning or day-2 operations
  • Group 1067@2x Get an access to the updated environment and start working
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“Cloudify has contributed to significantly reducing the toil experienced by the cloud team”

“Prior to Cloudify, we delivered complex automation use cases using in-house developed APIs. This required us to maintain infrastructure, contracts, authentication, etc. for our APIs. With Cloudify we can focus our time on the automation logic without worrying about the overhead of an in-house API. Additionally, we can use Cloudify to automate updates to environments using the update workflow. Updates previously took the cloud team hours to complete and limited how many environments we could support. Updates are now even easier with the new Environment as a Service features in Cloudify. Cloudify has contributed to significantly reducing the toil experienced by the cloud team.”

Connor Brown, Lead Cloud Engineer, 84.51°

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Cloudify Advantages

Cloudify is a top ranked Environment-as-a-Service Provider

Our unique technology is “environment agnostics” supporting any type of environment: brown field (OpenStack & VMware), Blue field (Kubernetes), and Greenfield (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Our special architecture allows us to support any environment operation from initial provisioning, to environment configuration, and day-2 operations.

Our strategic partnership with ServiceNow allows organizations to implement Environment-as-a-Service efficiently.

Integration with DevOps tools (CI/CD and automation) for a one-stop-shop look and feel.

A single API integration with Cloudify enables continuous updates without involving the ServiceNow team.

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