Community Resources

Join the Cloudify community, contribute, and get some sweet swag!


Cloudify Roadmap

Want to know what the future holds for Cloudify? Look no further than our technical roadmap.

How to Contribute

We strive to make this project a real community effort to which any developer can contribute. The best place to start is by writing a new plugin. Read more about How to Contribute to Cloudify.

Mailing Lists

cloudify-users is the mailing list where Cloudify users can seek and get help and discuss all kinds of matters surrounding Cloudify.
Use the cloudify-developers mailing list if you’d like to contribute to the Cloudify core modules, develop plugin and extensions and get help on dev related issues.


We also welcome your questions on stackoverflow, make sure to use the cloudify tag so we can tell you need help.

Slack Channel

Join us in real-time to ask questions, meet our engineers, and get all the latest news by joining on our Slack channel.

Source Code

Cloudify is Open Source under the Apache 2 License. The code is hosted on Github under the code name Cosmo (we just love Kramer, what can you do). You’re most welcome to clone the code, fork it and submit pull requests.


Issues and feature requests can be filed in our project Jira. Note that you’ll need to create an account first. If you are not sure whether it’s an issue, please post a question at one of our mailing lists first.

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