Cloudify & NATO DCIS-Cube Project

Cloudify is proud to be a part of NATO’s DCIS Cube Architecture and Design - helping define a modular and flexible orchestration framework to power their next-gen technology transformation.

Model-Driven Orchestration for Rapid Deployment

Model-based and intent-driven orchestration helps to decouple the DCIS engineers and administrators from the complexity of the deployable communications and information systems and makes the (re)configuration of deployable services much quicker, while at the same time ensuring configuration consistency.

Technology Agnostic Powered by TOSCA

With this agnostic layered DCIS Cube Architecture, NATO can implement, maintain and develop the DCIS in a way that is more agile.


Cloudify & Antillion

Cloudify is excited to be participating in the project with our partner Antillion to deliver this next-gen modular, and flexible architecture built on DevOps best practices.


Large Scale Microservices Whitepaper

See how large scale systems based on Microservices can be designed using TOSCA, and extended with Cloudify.
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Hybrid Container Orchestration with Cloudify

Hybrid VNF Container Orchestration With Kubernetes and Docker Swarm Using Cloudify
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Multi-Cloud Orchestration for Kubernetes

Look at how Cloudify enables hybrid cloud and hybrid stack orchestration together with Kubernetes.
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