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Cloudify 4.2 m5 build is now available for download

CLI Packages

You can read more about how to do install the CLI in our docs.

Manager Image

Manager Resources


  • Improving SSL
  • Stage Unified Login
  • Stage OKTA Support
  • Stage Graph improvements
  • Composer two way editing
  • New S3 Cloudify bucket
  • OSX cli installation

Known Issue:

  • Windows CLI installation is broken. Will be fixed in next sprint.
  • Bootstrap and image don’t yet support Composer and Stage unified login because composer is not yet on port 80. This means that when trying to login from Composer we get wrong redirections from composer to stage and back. This will be solved in next version. Workaround: First open stage and login, then open Composer (using port 8443) and you will be able to access it.
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