Environment Continuous Operations (Day-2)

Everything you need for successful Day-2 operations: Monitor health & heal failures, update patches, and scale resources without environment downtime

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Give Enterprise-grade Environment Services

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Maintenance without Downtime

Change environment configurations without taking it down

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Governance Changes

Allow scale and update operations according to your certified architecture

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Operation Agility

Empowering your organization (and DevOps teams) to react to resource needs, evolve, and adapt quickly over time

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Eliminate Waiting Time

Make security, storage, or computing changes without wasting development time

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Optimize Costs

Apply policies to identify and decommission unutilized live environments

Cloudify allows you to

continuously operate certified environments:

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States, failures, and unavailability of your certified environments

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Provision and configure resources to heal live environments

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Apply patches, change topologies, or add security features to any environment

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Add storage and computing resources to scale environments

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Apply decommission policies to optimize costs

How Does It Work?

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Cloudify’s unique architecture allows it to record the dynamics of deployed environments and identify the delta between designed and current states for day-2 operations success.

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Healing, updating, and scaling an environment is applied only on the relevant resources keeping the environment live during the entire operation.

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You can set the day-2 operations to be available as a self-service through ITSM or CI/CD or to perform it on multiple environments with bulk operations.

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“There are many ways to provision a system, but it is not easy to update it”

Paul Bahrs, Chief Architect, WindRiver Studio, DevSecOps at WindRiver

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Cloudify is a top ranked Environment-as-a-Service provider:

Our unique technology is ‘environment agnostic’ , supporting any type of environment: brown field (OpenStack & VMware), blue field (Kubernetes), and green field (AWS, Azure, GSP)

Our special architecture allows us to support any environment ‘DevOps’ operation from initial provisioning, to environment configuration, and day 2 operations

Our strategic partnership with ServiceNow allows organizations to implement Environment-as-a-Service efficiently with Day-2 DevOps operations in mind

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