Govern Your Dev, Test, & Production Environments with Cloudify & ServiceNow ITOM

Cloudify integration with ServiceNow ITOM provides automatic provisioning, change management, and governance in your multi-cloud infrastructure for your DevOps and Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) teams

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Give Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) & DevOps teams to automatically execute multi-cloud best practices in consistency with development teams

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Deploy Faster in a Compliant Way

Speed and agility for developers while managing enterprise risk

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Automate Cloud Governance Processes

Enforce policies and automate remediations to ensure compliance with multi-cloud management best practices

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Work Better Together: DevOps & CCoE Teams

Empower the digital teams while ensuring a smooth operational model between DevOps and CCoE

Cloudify’s integration with ServiceNow allows you to:

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Enable self-service deployments & day-2 operations

Spin up & tear down authorized development, testing & production environments with a few clicks

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Enforce compliance policies & tag strategy

Define configuration & tags policies with ITOM, then identify violations & execute remediation changes via ITOM through Cloudify

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Run policy scans & CMDB updates for any environment

Triggering policy scans & ITOM discovery on every provisioned or updated environment

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Remediate dev, test, or production environment automatically

Remediate violations whenever they provisioned through ServiceNow ITSM or CI/CD pipelines

How Does It Work?


Create & publish environments

  • Using existing Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, or Cloudify pre-built marketplace, DevOps engineers create environments, and upload them to ServiceNow

Cloud Center of Excellence

Define configuration and tag policies

  • Using ServiceNow ITOM Governance CCoE team can define low-code/ no-code policies to enforce compliance and tag strategies


Self-deploy/ self-update an environment

  • Select development, testing, or production environments from the ServiceNow Service Catalog or through a CI/CD pipeline and execute automatic deployment or environment update

Automatic Workflows

Executed for every selection

  • Provisioning & day-2 actions are executed automatically through Cloudify
  • Policy & discovery scans are automatically triggered
  • Remediation actions are executed for resources that violate policies (suggested options are approved by CCoE and executed automatically through Cloudify)

"Developers are always being asked to move faster and push new features to production quickly”

Brian Emerson, VP and GM of ITOM at ServiceNow

“Democratizing infrastructure environments from development to production is critical if this is going to be repeatable, reliable, and secure. With this integration, ServiceNow customers will be able to give their developers the confidence to ship code, knowing that the environments their code runs in will not only deliver the performance their apps require, but they will do so with compliance and security baked in, all accessible from the Now Platform.”

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