Environment Management

Enable Developers, QA Engineers, and Data Scientists to easily deploy and operate certified dev, test, and production environments with Environment as a Service (EaaS)

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Give Developers, Data Scientists, and QA Engineers a Better DevOps Experience with Less Effort

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Full Automation

A single call to deploy the entire environment stack

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New Abstraction

Deploy environments without exposing underlying infrastructure complexity

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No Downtime

Continuous environment updates without disrupting the development pipeline

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More Visibility & Control

Monitor all live environments, environment states, underlying stacks, and logs

Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Cloudify delivers Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) workflows to your organization, allowing you to:

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Enhance environment management, design the architecture of development, testing, staging and production environments

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Accelerate development empowering developers to deploy and operate sandbox & integration environments

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Optimize testing empowering QA engineers to deploy and operate functional, performance, and availability environments

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Improve production management empowering professional service teams to deploy and operate heterogeneous client environments

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Embed regulatory compliance & security add security to your environment structure and allow repeatable deployment of secured environments

How Does EaaS Work?

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For DevOps, IT, and Cloud Teams

Setup your certified environments. Turn existing toolchain code into self-service certified environments

  • Import existing automation templates and scripts into Cloudify
  • Merge them into blueprints and define your certified environments
  • Publish certified environments to ServiceNow users
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For Developers, Data Scientists, QA Engineers, and Professional Services

Deploy and operate certified environments as a self-service through:

  • Your proprietary business application
  • Customized service catalog
  • ITSM and CI/CD tools
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For Operation Teams

Setup your certified environments. Deploy and operate certified environments as a managed-service through:

  • Batch deployment for the entire team
  • Batch updates for all clients
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“Cloudify has contributed to significantly reducing the toil experienced by the cloud team”

Connor Brown, Lead Cloud Engineer, 84.51°

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Cloudify is a top ranked Environment-as-a-Service provider:

Our unique technology is “environment agnostic”, supporting any type of IT environment management tools: brown field (OpenStack & VMware), blue field (Kubernetes), and green field (AWS, Azure, GSP)

Our special architecture allows us to support any environment operation from initial provisioning, to environment configuration, and day 2 operations for all IT environment management tools

Our strategic partnership with ServiceNow allows organizations to implement Environment-as-a-Service efficiently and supports DevOps environment management

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