DSL Overview

Explains about Cloudify DSL and TOSCA

Cloudify’s DSL (Domain Specific Language) is following OASIS TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications). TOSCA has a simplified YAML profile and Cloudify is following this YAML syntax as much as possible. Our goal is to have full compliance with the standard in one of the near future versions.

TOSCA’s simplified YAML profile is using YAML objects to describe application components, their lifecycle and dependencies.

In order to do so, TOSCA is following Object Oriented metaphor where application components are node_templates (objects or instances of classes) derived from node_types (classes).

Each type defines a set of properties (static configuration) as well as set properties at runtime (i.e runtime properties)

In addition, each type includes operations (methods) which are the different lifecycle hooks mapped to implementation functions.