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Every business wants to improve, and today it is mandatory to deliver applications much faster while at the same time meeting ever growing expectations of reliability. IT departments may be used to being measured on the reliability of applications, but this new requirement to deliver much faster is in conflict with the practices that have supported that.
At this seminar we will inspect the current practices of many organizations, and explain how new expectations to deliver faster can actually provide us with ways to be more reliable as well as more flexible. The solutions will come from within the people currently working in the organization. Usually by fixing existing policies and establishing a culture of continuous improvement.
Date: Tuesday July 25 , 2017
Location: Skills Matter, CodeNode, 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB, London

  • 9:00   Registration
  • 9:30    How to become a  High Performing Organization – James Stewart
  • 10:00  Achieving Ambitious IT goals
  • 11:15    Break
  • 11:45  Achieve Significant Competitive Advantages with DevOps and ToC, Josh Dvir
  • 12:30   Overcoming Challenges of DevOps Transformation Panel

Session Abstracts:
How to become a  High Performing Organization – James Stewart
Change and transformation are terms easily thrown around. The recent focus on them reflects growing pressure on organisations to respond to a world filled with new challenges:new competition, new threats and rapidly changing customer expectations.
With examples from a range of organisations in the public and private sectors, and with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity, participants will hear how embracing the principles of  the DevOps movement can have an impact well beyond the mechanics of delivering software.
Achieving Ambitious IT Goals
An interactive problem solving exercise with game elements
The seminar participants are offered to take part in an interactive case study process. 5-6 people are chosen from the group to present their current deployment situation at the company they work at with the purpose of improving the process and the frequency of their deployments. The set goal is: “We want to reach deployment frequency to be every 5 minutes”. The participants are given aliases to make it anonymous and allow ease of information sharing about their internal processes/status.
Achieve Significant Competitive Advantages with DevOps and ToC – Josh Dvir
Demonstrating true ROI by defining DevOps, architecting for distributed systems, while applying the Theory of Constraints, and more.
Panel featuring Oded Nahum, James Stewart, and Josh Dvir
The panel will discuss the common challenges with actually applying DevOps concepts in large-scale organizations, and what is truly involved with achieving digital transformation in an ever-evolving IT world.
Who should attend:
Engineering, CTO, CIO, CISO, IT Managers, DevOps Managers, Operations Engineers, Architects, and anyone looking to learn about practical application of agile processes.
Meet the presenters:
Mr. James Stewart
James is an experienced technology leader, having helped found the UK Government Digital Service and worked across government to establish modern, agile technology practices to support higher quality, more efficient public services. James combines a background as a hands-on software developer with a keen awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing executives. He is currently an independent consultant and advisor, and speaks regularly around the world on digital transformation, modern technology and cyber security.
Mr. Josh Dvir
Josh is the Managing Director & Senior Devops Architect @ DevOps Prо that provide consulting, training and implementation services to companies that are eager to improve their development and deployment operations.
Previously, Josh established a few startups and served as VP R&D in few software companies.Josh is a public speaker and he invests his time to share the knowledge how to overcome technical and business gaps by adopting the right solutions and practices.
Mr. Oded Nahum
Oded Nahum is the Director, WW Sales Engineering & Customer Solutions for Cloudify. For the last 20 years he has been busy challenging status quo, pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and achieving improbable outcomes. Having worked as a Solution Architect at Cisco, Systems Engineer at PLUMgrid, Product Specialist at Citrix, and Technology Evangelist, Oded’s has a proven track record in Networking and Cloud Technologies. His specialties include Cloud Computing, IaaS, SaaS, NFV, SD-WAN, vCPE, Automation and Orchestration, MANO, CloudStack, OpenStack, LBaaS, WAN Optimization, SDN, Layer 2-7, Traffic Engineering, QoS, Application Delivery, Virtualization, and Application Monitoring.
Oded is also a frequent speaker at various technology events and meetups.
Register for this exciting DevOps Event and empower your IT department today!


Register to attend – Tuesday July 25, Skills Matter,  CodeNode, London

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