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Get your private OpenStack IaaS with a pre-baked Cloudify Manager for 4 full hours, running 8 CPUs, and 16GB RAM.

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Are you looking to get easily started with using and evaluating Cloudify? Want to get an actual feel of how you can easily deploy applications at a click of a button? Want to upload and work with NFV themed blueprints in a OpenStack environment?
In the Cloudify Lab you will have access to a dedicated OpenStack environment, where you can also continue evaluating the environment, and deploying other examples as well.
The Cloudify Lab is launched from a easy to use dashboard, and can instantiate your environment with a click of a button. You will also receive a guide to get easily started. Our lab also includes a guided tour of the different things included in Cloudify, what they mean, and how to use them.
Highlights of the hosted Cloudify environment:

  • Pre-built Cloudify Manager and Cloudify Composer
  • Runs on OpenStack
  • Pre-loaded with Cloudify blueprints that cover several common use cases
  • Includes a Getting Started guide
  • Possibility to extend environment to a larger, more robust POC friendly managed service

What will you learn?:

  • Basic steps for using the Cloudify manager.
  • How to upload and deploy a blueprint
  • How to access existing blueprint examples and the self service catalog
  • Managing multiple tenants and plugins
  • Using auto scale and auto heal workflows

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