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Easily Experience a Hybrid Cloud Live Environment

While more and more Enterprises shifting to the cloud, many of these enterprises are experiencing issues with managing their applications across multiple cloud providers, as well as on public and private clouds.

Cloudify, with its latest 3.4 release, currently covers over 90% compatibility with all major cloud providers. In addition, due to it’s unique architecture, Cloudify does not compromise on portability within your workloads, as it does not take a least common denominator approach like other existing solutions.

What will I learn?

  • Intro to Cloudify Orchestration
  • Hybrid Cloud Management
  • vIMS Clearwater Deployment

Who is the lab intended for?

  • Cloud Network Architects
  • Enterprise Professionals
  • Solution Architects

Our experts will guide you through a virtual interactive Hybrid lab cloud, based on different technological stacks, and work with you on how to properly setup your NFV environment.

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