• How-To: F5 – BIGIP VE VNF – Load Balancer

    This document provides information collected during work on an F5 VNF demo blueprint and by no means exhausts the F5 topic. We focused only on the basic CRUD operation of F5 BIGIP in the context of LTM services. This document will provide the following information: what is BIGIP VE?… Read More
  • Examples Catalog: How to Contribute

    Getting Involved. How to Contribute to Cloudify Examples. This guide will present the criteria for accepting contributions to the Cloudify Examples Section. Repository Packaging Each example must be packaged as a Github repository under the Cloudify-Examples Github organization. The repository itself should contain the following files: A package Readme.md… Read More
  • Examples Catalog: How to Use

     How to Use Cloudify Examples Cloudify maintains a “Cloudify-Examples” organization at github. Each of the examples in that organization are presented here. You have several options: View information about the example View the example source at github Upload to a manager View information about the example This action renders the… Read More
  • Cloudify 4.x Metrics Widget Setup

    The Deployment Metrics widget presents graphs of the metrics collected by the monitoring agent defined in the blueprint. The widget comes with specific default values, which you most likely would like to edit to fit to your own specific deployments. To configure the Metrics widgets, follow the next steps,… Read More
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