Cloudify 4.x Metrics Widget Setup

Cloudify 4.x Metrics Widget Setup

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The Deployment Metrics widget presents graphs of the metrics collected by the monitoring agent defined in the blueprint. The widget comes with specific default values, which you most likely would like to edit to fit to your own specific deployments.
To configure the Metrics widgets, follow the next steps, according to your Cloudify Manager’s version:
Cloudify Manager 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.1, 4.1.1 and

  • Put manager UI into edit mode:

  • Choose Add widgets:

  • Add a time widget, and a metric graph widget For every collector:

The two widgets come with pre-set configuration, so the widget will present the default graphs:

  • To configure the widget’s settings, click on its setting option in the top right corner (you need to still be in Edit Mode for that):

  • In the widget’s configuration screen,  you can choose different metrics to monitor (either from the existing metrics list or by providing a custom DB query), choose resolution time and unit, graphs type (line, bar)  and provide a label.

As a result the new graph with the new settings is presented:

  • You can now exit the Cloudify Console Edit mode.

Cloudify Manager 4.2 and later releases:

  • Choose Edit Mode
  • In the Edit Mode Bubble, Choose “Add Widgets”

  • In the Widget’s Catalog, mark the Deployment Metrics Graph widget
  • Click “Add Selected Widgets”
  • Click on the widget’s settings icon:
    • You can choose up to 5 metrics to be shown on the same graph.
    • You can also choose the time range from which you wish to present data, by clicking the “Time range and resolution” field:

  • You can also define a direct DB query in order to present any collected metrics which do no appear in the provided metrics list.


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