• AWS VPC Scenario 2 Network Walkthrough

    AWS Example Network Amazon’s VPC Scenario 2 is the classic network architecture. It can support public-facing and private components. Resources Created A vpc. An internet_gateway. A public_subnet. A private_subnet. A public_subnet_routetable. A private_subnet_routetable. A route_public_subnet_internet_gateway. A nat_gateway_ip – created with the update-blueprint.yaml. A nat_gateway – created with the update-blueprint.yaml. Read More
  • Agent Installation Methods

    Article Contents Overview Agent — Yes or No? Disabling Agent Installation Common Considerations The Agent’s User Agent → Manager Communication The remote Installation Method Configuration Considerations The init_script Installation Method Configuration Considerations Overview One of the most important… Read More
  • Multi-Cloud & Stack Lab Scenario For AWS

    Introduction:  This end-to-end solution package uses pre-configured applications to demonstrate Cloudify functionality, to provide a rapid way to test drive the Cloudify platform with a typical IT environment and experience first-hand how to apply automation to your different clouds and applications. If you have not received a lab link,… Read More
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