Your Kubernetes: Optimized

Cloudify delivers an easier way to manage multi Kubernetes clusters via service orchestration. Whereas existing multi-cloud Kubernetes platforms enable you to manage the Kubernetes infrastructure, Cloudify enables you to manage the application service itself. Using Cloudify you can automate application governance, manage distributed service deployments, and run day-2 operations across multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds.


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Full Lifecycle Management

Running multiple Kubernetes clusters? Cloudify provides lifecycle management for clusters- from Day 0 to Day 2, including auto scale and heal, mass upgrades, updates, and more.

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Lifecycle/ Day-2 Management

Lifecycle management and Day-2 operation of application services across multiple K8s clusters including support for handling partial failure scenarios (resume, rollback).

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Connecting Kubernetes

Automatically discover Kubernetes clusters and deploy the same service across hundreds/ thousands of Kubernetes clusters. Use Cloudify to integrate Kubernetes with external networks, DB, storage, serverless or legacy.

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Advanced Cluster Management

Experience built in support for all major Kubernetes cluster infrastructure setup: OpenShift, KubeSpray, GKE, EKS and AKS- on private and public clouds. Tap into reliable replication of deployments between multiple clusters. Place workloads on a target cluster based on the service requirements and Kubernetes cluster capabilities (tagging).

Multi Cluster Action

Multi Cluster Action

Automate service deployment across multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds. Deploy Kubespray clusters in any IaaS/ on bare metal, deploy OpenShift on AWS, access full automation of GKE, EKS and ASK instantiations. Match workloads and clusters per user/ tenant or location.

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Powerful Workflows

Use Cloudify for advanced Kubernetes Management UI. Automate deployment, configuration and management tasks using rich workflow visualization. Use a single command for executing workflows across many K8s environments/workloads and easily handle scheduled periodic deployment and maintenance tasks.

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No More Configuration Drifts

Prevent Kubernetes application service configuration drifts by continuously monitoring the service configuration to ensure it meets desired service configuration state. Cloudify detects and self-heals the difference. (e.g. deployment update.)

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