Moving from Monolith to Microservices | Webinars

How to Move from Monolith to Microservices

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Should you make the move to microservices? How do you avoid the gotchas and overcome the complexities when you do?

Navigating the promise vs. reality of microservices can be difficult. And without a solid plan, a migration project can quickly get bogged down with technical challenges, throwing it off schedule and delaying rollout. This is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses that try to adopt these new technologies.
We’ll do a deep dive into architecture principles, container orchestration, impacts to CI workflows, monitoring, auto-scaling clusters, and more to shed light on the real-world realities of implementing these new and powerful technologies.

You’ll learn:

  • When’s the right time to move to microservices
  • Why Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • How to overcome the most common challenges
  • Pro tip: How to provision your first cluster in minutes

Duration: 1 Hour

Presented by:

Dimitris Moraitis
Co-founder and CTO at

Dimitris Moraitis is the Co-founder and CTO of Dimitris is an entrepreneur & engineer committed to open-source software. He holds a CS BSc and has been the technical lead for organizations around the world since 2001. He co-founded and, where he currently serves as the CTO. He’s particularly interested in DevOps, HCI, AI, and the social impact of technology.

DeWayne Fillipi
Cloudify Director of Solution Architecture

DeWayne is Software technologist with broad and deep industry experience, ranging from product evangelism, through product design, development, architecture, and management. Focused on high performance server platforms and cloud computing. DeWayne was the original author of the Cloudify Kubernetes plugin, and is an expert on Container Orchestration.

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