Multi-Cloud for the Enterprise

Maintain Governance without Sacrificing Agility

Many of today’s global businesses weren’t born in the cloud.

While cloud, and often times multi-cloud has become the operational reality, real-world banking, healthcare, insurance applications were largely not built with the cloud in mind, making it difficult to enable cloud at the click of a button. On top of the complex application architecture, there are many fragmented technologies in business silos, creating operational chaos for IT control.

In addition, highly regulated industries have IT governance & regulatory considerations and control measures that need to be in place to ensure data is secure and compliant.

Cloudify’s end-to-end solution of Multi-Cloud with Governance & Control – enables the best of both worlds.


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Pluggable Multi-Cloud & Stack

Experience Cloudify’s flexible multi-cloud & stack at a click. This on-demand environment provides reusable components through our plugins and blueprints. Model your own applications topologies in simple TOSCA YAML, for example IaaS, clouds, configuration management tools, networking components, and more. This lab scenario includes a number of officially supported out-of-the-box plugins & blueprints, but you can also build your own.

Security with Governance

Security is a first-class citizen within Cloudify Manager, on top of the role, resource & tenant management, maintain secure communications with the Cloudify Manager & public and on-prem environments over secure proxy & SSL with validation, to ensure that the data sent to and from it is encrypted.  In addition, you can bake your regulatory compliance policies into your blueprints to ensure IT governance alongside risk and compliance measures are all automated.

RBAC & Multi-Tenancy

Demo Cloudify’s fine-grained role based access control and multi-tenancy to learn how to automate the governance of your cloud resources, without hindering DevOps processes. Through Cloudify’s built-in RBAC including SAML and LDAP integration, you can now control who has permissions to use which environments, tenants, resources and more, as well as execute operations through a rich set of user roles.

Lab Tutorial & Walkthrough


Easily replicate this demo scenario in our hands-on lab to learn about the benefit of using Cloudify in multi-cloud environments running business-critical applications. This video will demonstrate the diversity of operations you can try yourself, how to use the Cloudify Composer and TOSCA blueprint editor – so you can try this at home.
In this live demo environment you will be able to experience Cloudify Manager running on OpenStack, managing resources both on OpenStack and AWS/Azure.
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Available Scenarios:

Use the manager to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack.

Available Services:

  • Try model driven design of your apps with the built-in Cloudify Composer or two-way editable TOSCA blueprints
  • Gain access to built-in applications & services through our catalog
  • Chain your network services together into a service chain from the network services through the applications and run them on your Kubernetes cluster
  • Test drive multi-tenancy capabilities to get a a hands-on feel for isolation between environments, and a full view of the available control by the system administrator
  • Upload the blueprints to the catalog as global resources so they are visible in all tenants
  • For each tenant, create a deployment using different inputs showing the model once deploy many approach
  • Experience full life cycle management for the services via policies – auto healing, auto scaling, and deployment update (ideally updating the service chain to include an additional service)

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CMP vs. PaaS vs. Orchestration

Learn more about the real-world multi-cloud landscape.
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