Multi-Cloud Orchestration for Kubernetes with Cloudify

Kubernetes is now the de facto orchestration platform for managing containers. Join us as we take a look at how Cloudify enables hybrid cloud and hybrid stack orchestration together with Kubernetes.

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Tune in as we unveil the new capabilities for maximizing use of Kubernetes with the new Cloudify Kubernetes Plugin, and the new Cloudify Kubernetes provider. Using Kubernetes with Cloudify has never been easier or more powerful, as you can now easily provision workloads on both cloud based VM’s and containers, or have total control and flexibility by using Cloudify as a Kubernetes IaaS.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Managing hybrid workloads with Cloudify and Kubernetes
  • The new Cloudify Kubernetes provider
  • Different ways of utilizing and enhancing Kubernetes with Cloudify
  • Creating and deleting Kubernetes resources using Cloudify blueprints
  • Open Q&A

Duration: 45 Minutes
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