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    • BetaNews: All About Kubernetes

      Read on as our CTO Nati Shalom gives an overview for BetaNews on all things Kubernetes- specifically the rationale behind the emergence of this system and related technologies, and their place in an overall automation strategy.

      Cloudify BetaNews
    • CodeCondo: Exploring the differences in CI/CD

      Head to CodeCondo and learn from our CTO, Nati Shalom all about the differences between the leaders in CI/CD. Explore why CI/CD matters in relation to Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions and AWS – and learn the new way to manage them.

      Cloudify CodeCondo
    • Cloudify CTO: Roadblocks On the Way to Digital Transformation

      The great enabler of digital transformation, the Internet and related technologies, have been around for decades. So why isn’t digital transformation well into the rear view mirror? Head to Datamation and learn more from our founder and CTO Nati Shalom.

      Cloudify Datamation
    • Cloudify Wins Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle Award

      We are excited to announce that Cloudify has been selected for an Intel®️ Network Builders Award. The award recognizes Cloudify’s innovation and technology and cements our position as leading multi-cloud digital transformation leaders. Read our official announcement here.

      intel winners circle cloudify
    • TFIR : Your Two Key Hacks To Overcome Cloud Native Migration Challenges

      A recent survey by Flexera shows that the top challenges faced in cloud native transformation is the need to migrate traditional applications to cloud native architecture and deciding on a container platform. Our CTO Nati Shalom delves into these changes and offers two key hacks to overcome migration challenges.

      Cloudify TFIR
    • : Cloud Orchestration Language Roundup: A Comparison.

      What cloud providers do you work with? Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Amazon AWS? Microsoft Azure? Which services? Are you using a managed Kubernetes such as GKE, AKS, Openshift or EKS? Our very own Trammel Scruggs takes a deep dive into orchestration languages for cloudify
    • Techopedia: Optimizing Legacy Enterprise Software Modernization.

      Enterprise IT departments rank legacy code modernization as one of their main priorities in 2020. The complexity of software development and support operations for multiple brands and services requires business organizations to adopt a multi-cloud orchestration strategy. Our CTO Nati Shalom talks on Techopedia>>…

      techopedia cloudify
    • Yahoo Finance: Cloudify release version 5.1 to simplify multi-cloud orchestration.

      Cloudify’s latest release introduces out-of-the-box integrations for all cloud environments via new service composition technology. This release sees integration with CI/CDs, Terraform, Kubernetes, among major existing toolchains (enabling modernization of private cloud environments). Read more on Yahoo!…

      yahoo finance cloudify
    • IT Chronicles: Orchestrating the Orchestrators – Finding the Missing Infrastructure Automation Layer.

      At its inception, cloud computing – with all its infrastructure, platforms, and applications – delivered capabilities and services IT organizations only dreamt possible less than a decade ago. Today enterprise organizations are using cloud for a multitude of reasons – head to IT Chronicles and read more from our CTO…

      it chronicles cloudify

      Even if you’re only interested in public stock investing, it can be extremely valuable to take a look now and then at private companies. Startups can point you toward trends that the public companies haven’t yet latched onto. Read on to learn why Cloudify is part of a trend dubbed…

      tech letter cloudify
    • Cloudify Recognized As A Representative Vendor In Gartner Market Guide For Infrastructure Automation Tools

      Cloudify has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the May 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Infrastructure Automation Tools. In this Market Guide, Gartner states that “I&O leaders must implement infrastructure automation tools to improve infrastructure agility and accelerate digital transformation”.

      Cloudify news gartner
    • Netnumber Integrates TITAN Platform With Cloudify Solutions

      NetNumber announced today the integration of its TITAN platform with the Cloudify cloud-native orchestration platform. NetNumber TITAN, a CSRC platform, provides a common, software-based infrastructure for all signaling control, routing policy enforcement and subscriber database services in the network. Read more…

      NetNumber Cloudify
    • Forbes Tech Council: Cloudify’s CTO talks multi-cloud strategy

      To Multicloud Or Not To Multicloud: Is That Really The Question? Companies everywhere are quickly shifting data and core applications to the cloud and are realizing that singular cloud solutions simply won’t cut it when it comes to serving future needs. Read more on Forbes>>…

      Forbes Tech Council Cloudify



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