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NFV Orchestration is the operational and functional processes involved in designing, creating, and delivering a virtualized network service and supporting the full life-cycle management of it.
Cloudify Open Orchestration Framework was designed from the ground up on principles of openness to power the IT and Telco transformation revolution – enabling organizations to design, build and deliver core business applications and network services more economically, without compromising on IT simplicity.

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Solution Highlights

  • VNF & Service Modeling – VNF modeling enables you to describe the complete network service with all its resources: infrastructure, functions, service chaining, application code, scripts, configuration management, metrics, and policies, in a generic, descriptive language based on TOSCA and the Cloudify DSL.
  • Orchestration and Workflows– The Orchestration is the core of the Cloudify Platform, It enables you to maintain the complete life cycle of the service, from onboarding and instantiation to operations such as scaling, healing, maintenance, updates, and termination.
  • Pluggability – Pluggability is one of the core, unique features of Cloudify. It provides reusable components abstraction for the system. You can model anything that you want in a descriptive language, for example, IaaS, clouds, configuration management tools, SDN components, NFV components, and so on. Cloudify includes a number of officially supported out-of-the-box plugins, but you can also build your own.
  • Security – Security, in the context of a Cloudify Manager, means securing communication with the Cloudify Manager and controlling who has permissions to use it to execute various operations. Secured communication is achieved using SSL, which enables clients to validate the authenticity of the Cloudify Manager, and to ensure that the data sent to and from it is encrypted.
  • Native Cloud Experience – An abstraction layer provides access to a full set of features for each cloud environment.
  • Cloud Portability – Cloudify’s agnostic technology frees businesses from vendor lock-in for greater flexibility.
  • Faster App Roll-out – Lifecycle automation shortens deployment time from days to minutes.
  • Cost Efficient – Manage costs and optimize cloud usage, from start to finish, with the Cloudify Management Console.


Best vCPE/uCPE Enterprise Service Award Winner

Read about Cloudify’s Open vCPE and SD-WAN solution delivered to Partner Communications in record time, which won us the 2017 Network Transformation Award.

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Cloudify Orchestration Framework is designed to fit perfectly as an NFV-O and a generic VNF-M.
Network functions, virtual or physical are modeled using the TOSCA language and on-boarded to Cloudify, Cloudify Model Driven Design allows operators to easily build VNF descriptors (VNFD) and Network Service Descriptors (NSD) and manage the complete lifecycle of any network service. Cloudify Pluggable Architecture and the Plugin Framework makes integration to multiple VIMs and other platforms such as SDN Controllers, 3rd party VNF-Ms or hardware based system an easy and painless process.

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Founded in 2012, Cloudify has robust financial backing from Intel Capital, VMware, BRM Group, Claridge and other leading strategic and financial investors. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and holds offices across the US and Europe. Cloudify specializes in network orchestration, network automation, everything multi-cloud; providing orchestration solutions for expert orchestration software.