ONAP & Cloudify

The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is a initiative created by the combination of the ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management & Policy) and Open-O (Open Orchestrator) projects into ONAP, to bring the capabilities for designing, creating, orchestrating and handling of the full lifecycle management of Virtual Network Functions, Software Defined Networks, and the services that all of these things entail.

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ONAP architecture

White Paper

Download the Cloudify White Paper to learn more about the importance of ONAP for NFV. This white paper should serve as an essential guide on all things ONAP architecture – its definition, its architecture, alongside additional details on VoLTE and vCPE use cases.

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ONAP Training

Cloudify and Aarna Networks have partnered to deliver a half-day ONAP workshop designed for telcom managers and technologists who wish to gain a business perspective and high-level understanding of the Linux Foundation Open Networking Automation Platform project.

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ONAP Webinar

Register for the Cloudify one-hour webinar you will see an overview of ONAP architecture, it’s architecture, the various sub-projects and blueprints, use cases, and how to get involved. Learn more about how NFV ONAP deployments will look in the future.

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ONAP Brief

Did you know: Cloudify & ARIA integrations allow you to run ONAP on a multi-cloud environment, providing a generic platform to manage Kubernetes and Docker as the base platform used to run ONAP. Download the ONAP solution brief to access the bigger picture.

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ONAP & Cloudify Q&A

Learn more about ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) architecture via a quick Cloudify Q&A. Understand its place in the orchestration ecosystem and the importance of open source.

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