Your Terraform, As a Self Service Environment

Open Source
Remote Execution

Self Service
Management UI

Consistent Update
Across All Your IaC

Dynamic Environment

Open Source Remote Execution for Terraform Modules

Cloudify Provide an open source remote execution service that turns your Terraform Modules into a self service environment

Open Source Pull Request Automation (Remote Execution)

  • REST API service with built in concurrent execution support
  • Token based authentification (for API integration)
  • Built in Terraform workflow execution
  • Security – RBAC and End to End Encryption
  • Support multi Terraform versions
  • Remote State file management (DB or S3 backed)
  • Built in secret mangement
  • Works offline (including air grapped environments)
  • Lightweight (a single RPM, Doker container or Kubernetes service)

Compatible with Terraform Atlantis

  • cloud

    GitAction and CI/CD support

  • cloud

    Comment based execution

  • cloud

    Support Git Approval process

  • cloud

    Support custom build-step

Self Service Management UI

  • 100+ Out of the box modules across all major clouds.
  • Gui based Terraform Module Import utility allowing seamless import of terraform modules from your Git repo, Local file or Terraform Registry
  • Built in customizable catalog service with support for whitelabeling
  • Multi tenant / Role based access catalog
  • SAML based authentification

Consistent update across IaC tools


Consistent update management across Terraform, AWS Cloud Formation, Azure ARM, Helm, Ansible.

Dynamic Environment Management (workspace) Between Teams

  • Nested Environment support
  • Dynamic injection of configuration properties per environment (Keep your Terraform Module Dry)
  • Define the dependencies between Terraform modules as part of the environment
  • Bulk operations – run update across selected environments based on filters and tagging through a single API
  • API based (vs file based)
  • Support for on-demand shared resources
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