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Revolutionize the way vCPE & SD-WAN can be delivered to your organization with Cloudify. Achieve a rapid self-service experience for installing, configuring and managing all of your network services – from firewalls and routers through load balancers, IPSEC tunneling, signaling and more, whether on-prem or at customer premises or branch offices, through a central management portal.

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Open vCPE & SD-WAN with Cloudify

Case Study: How Partner Communications Launched V-NET in Just Six Months

Read about how Partner Communications, a leading Israeli Telco group, selected Cloudify to build V-NET, its new , open vCPE and SD-WAN platform that was delivered from theory to production in just six months with our unique automation-first approach.


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What is Open vCPE?

vCPE (virtual customer premises equipment) is rapidly becoming one of the top use cases for NFV.
The Cloudify Open vCPE solution is targeted at any organization looking for an open framework to build their own custom, best of breed vCPE solution, without vendor lock or a predefined stack. Combining robust network automation, simple VNF on-boarding, with a powerful multi-tenant service portal now makes it possible to configure and deploy VNFs, build network service chains in days to weeks, all on low-cost software & hardware (COTS).

A fraction of the cost of closed source solutions.

Five times faster to production.

No vendor lock.


Transformation-First Approach

  • 12- 18 month process.
  • Huge initial investment
  • Huge organization / culture change
  • Long time to value

Automation-First Approach

  • Optimize existing infrastructure first
  • Full Self-Service VCPE/SD-WAN in 3 Months
  • Integrates with existing CPE, BSS/OSS
  • Introduce new VNF and framework
  • Open Source, Standard, No Lock-In
  • Immediate ROI

The Challenge with Existing vCPE solutions

Conflicts of Interest

Many of the existing vCPE solutions cannibalize carrier’s existing MPLS and CPE business. On top of this, they also provide vCPE solutions directly to enterprises, putting them in a conflicting position with that of the carrier.

Long Time to ROI with a Substantial Initial Investment

Most vCPE solutions require an entirely new virtual CPE to be adopted, as well as a virtual cloud infrastructure as the basis to run their solution. This imposes a significant undertaking and large investment by the carrier to replace both their current internal and CPE infrastructure to fully adopt a vCPE solution.
As a result, carriers can’t leverage their existing assets and skill set to their advantage. In fact it’s quite the contrary, those assets become a disadvantage rather than an advantage.


Most of the existing vCPE solutions in the market come with a proprietary stack, which imposes a high degree of lock-in and dependency on the vCPE providers.

governance SQ

The Cloudify Automation-First Approach

NFV automation

1. Automate Existing Processes

Existing services are automated with no initial investment in infrastructure.

network functions vitualization

2. Open Up Infrastructure

The open framework enables the incremental addition of new services, networking, and infrastructure.

end terminal in network

3. Begin Offering Self Service

Within only months of launch, operators and their customers can enjoy the flexibility and profitability that come with self service.

open source vnf

4. Add New Capabilities Incrementally

The Cloudify platform is entirely open – making it easy to add new services according to needs.

Our approach is to optimize first by providing self-service and central control-planning for managing network services on the existing infrastructure and CPE (in brownfield environments). Once that is complete, you are able to plug-in new VNFs and cloud infrastructure as needed.

Realize the Benefits of Open vCPE!

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