Cloudify for OpenStack in a Heterogeneous Stack

Learn why Cloudify is the best orchestration & management solution for OpenStack NFV & Hybrid Cloud use cases.

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OpenStack & the Heterogeneous Stack

Multi-cloud and often times heterogeneous stacks — clouds alongside containers — have become the new reality in organizations, and OpenStack is often at the core of these multi-cloud and stack deployments.  From a recent study, OpenStack private cloud is deployed as often as AWS, and is one of the leading infrastructures of choice in many use cases – including NFV, retail, and many others.  Cloudify provides a common layer of automation to manage all of your OpenStack and network resources, alongside other clouds seamlessly.

Hybrid cloud is changing the way we create applications. It’s now easier than ever for application development teams to reach out and work directly on cloud environments. But for IT leaders, the situation has become problematic. They’re now dealing with countless applications running independently on multiple, disjointed cloud environments.

Cloudify was built to help organizations overcome the operational chaos.


Cloudify for OpenStack NFV

Networking has become a core service in any cloud deployment. Cloudify’s TOSCA-based, open and pluggable architecture provides the management and orchestration of the end-to-end NFV lifecycle (Day 0 through Day 2 operations) by serving at the NFVO & G-VNFM in the ETSI MANO architecture.
Cloudify enables VNF providers, telcos and operators alike to realize the benefits of the cloud by assisting in the transition from non-virtualized appliance to virtualized all the way through cloud-native VNF, with full lifecycle management and orchestration. This enables telcos and operators to build their best of breed NFV stacks, and break the costly and long-procurement cycles of the historical proprietary black model of OSS and BSS – making it possible for organizations to use plain off the shelf (POTS) hardware and software.

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Solutions for Retailers

Many Fortune 100 retail companies are betting on OpenStack to enable innovation in a competitive landscape where cost optimization, feature rollout, and IT efficiency is key.   Cloudify enables you to manage your OpenStack operation alongside your previous installbases, containers, and much more — to take advantage of the promise of OpenStack while optimizing your existing technology first.
Find out how Cloudify’s Insights-as-a-Service can provide better visibility of utilization and cost performance across clouds.

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More OpenStack Goodness

Support for OPNFV

Cloudify is the orchestration of choice for the OPNFV project, enabling them to test and build CI/CD & DevOps processes on top of OpenStack clouds alongside Jenkins and Chef.  Learn more about Cloudify & OPNFV.

TOSCA Support

Cloudify is the leading implementation of the TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) specification as its standard templating language. Learn more about the power of TOSCA and how it is built to integrate with existing orchestrators such as Heat and Kubernetes in our training videos.

VMware Support

Cloudify integrates seamlessly with VMware Integrated OpenStack, vSphere, and vCloud. Support for all VMware environments provides users with a common management and automation framework. This makes it possible to easily build and manage hybrid cloud with VMware and OpenStack clouds.

AWS and Other Public Cloud Support

While OpenStack is becoming the de-facto standard for private cloud, the public cloud arena is still mostly dominated by AWS and GCE. Cloudify comes with built-in support for other public clouds making it simpler for OpenStack users to expand their OpenStack environment into AWS or other public clouds on-demand.

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