Partner Program Q&A

What is Cloudify?

  • Cloudify bridges the gap between applications and their cloud environments
  • We provide environment-as-a-service technology that streamlines DevOps workflows
  • The Cloudify platform excels at handling remote execution and environment management, and It is equipped with out-of-the-box integration with CI/CD pipelines, workflow approvals, cost management, DevSecOps, and governance tools,

What is unique about the Cloudify partnership program?

  • Cloudify gives partners the arsenal of capabilities needed to win and expand any cloud automation project.
  • Today we’ve launched an enhanced partner program that gives system integrators easy access to our platform and will enable them to grow and create new revenue streams.
  • Together with the new partnership program, we are launching our new partner portal that is designed to equip system integrators with self-service training, programs for sales, pre-sales, and delivery, as well as a diverse set of sales enablement assets.

What are the benefits of the new partnership program?

Certified partners will be able to: 

  • Receive training from Cloudify and keep teams current on the latest automation best practices
  • Engage with the Cloudify pre-sales team on co-selling, co-marketing, and margin opportunities, as well as incentive programs
  • Become a trusted technology advisor facilitating collaboration among DevOps, development, cloud operations, and security teams

Do you have other than System Integrator partners?

  • Yes, We have several SI’s and MSP partners along with technology partners – some of them have worked with us for years, and a couple of them joined recently as part of our new partnership program. 
  • One of our new partners is Sify – a Fortune 500 company in India – which chose Cloudify to help their customers to standardize DevOps automation processes.
  • Sify team used our new self-service training modules to onboard to Cloudify in a couple of weeks and were trained by our technical team on the latest automation best practices.
  • The strong relationship between the companies allowed us to accelerate the onboarding process and build a strong pipeline of joint projects.

What is the compensation for partners? 

  • Cloudify partners can achieve compensation from the partnership in two ways:
  • First, subscription discounts – partners get a license discount based on a tiered program 
  • Second, services revenue – many Cloudify enterprise customers are looking for the acquisition of implementation & maintenance services in addition to Cloudify license.
  • Certified system integrators are eligible to deliver these services and get the full compensation for them.

How many tiers do you have in the program?

  • Currently, we have several tiers on our partnership program. 
  • The tiers are based on revenue and volume.
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