Built for Enterprise Multi Cloud Orchestration and large scale complex workloads

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Cloudify Premium for Enterprises

Secure, stable, fully tested and supported

Bundled-in Products: Cloudify Console & Cloudify Composer

Cloudify Premium includes 2 bundled products:

  • Cloudify Console – a web-based control console for Cloudify Manager aimed at providing a streamlined experience managing Cloudify applications
  • Cloudify Composer – a web-based graphical editor for composing and editing Cloudify blueprints dynamically using a modern drag and drop interface

Access Additional Features

Access additional features like High Availability, Multi Tenancy, LDAP Integration, user management and more.

Multi Cloud Orchestration

Cloudify is perfect for organizations that have found themselves, or are have taken an active approach towards multi cloud architecture. This approach helps organizations face the new multi cloud reality, avoid vendor lock in, and allow them to streamline operations through a single pane of glass.

Open uCPE/SD-WAN Solutions

Cloudify provides its unique orchestration framework to help you automate your existing CPEs’ as well as integrating uCPE as well for a future facing solution.

MANO and VNFm Platform

Cloudify can be used as both a NFV-O and a VNFm, and allows you to make the transition from non-virtualized to virtualized, and then quickly achieve Cloud Native capabilities for your VNF. Our experience spans the full suite of VNFS – from vIMS, to vEPC, VoLTE, vFirewall, vRouters or vCPE – Cloudify can help give you an idea on what you need in order to port your existing non-virtualized or virtual network function, and make it cloud native.

Certification with SW/HW Vendors

Cloudify Premium products are certified with software and hardware vendors such as Red Hat, VMWare, Microsoft and others.

Professional Services

Cloudify provides professional services for Cloudify Enterprise Edition stable releases.

Product Training

Cloudify provides training for Cloudify Premium and ONAP.

SUPPORT with Premium SLA

Cloudify provides support for Cloudify Premium with Standard 8×5 and Premium 24×7 SLAs.

Cloudify Premium Subscriptions

Access Cloudify Premium for NFV MANO via our Premium Suite Subscriptions. Pricing for annual and tri-annual subscriptions are based on number of VMs and SLA requirements for production and development support of your organization.
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