Solving The Multi-Cloud Headache

Your CI/CD pipeline in today’s cloud environment is complicated - and becomes a serious bottleneck when dealing with multi-cloud. Existing automation tools (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes) cover different parts of the stack and leave inconsistencies, siloed operations and force you to recreate pipelines time and again. Users are left with slow and painful manual processes when updating/ scaling environments across multiple cloud infrastructures. Enter Cloudify...

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One Pipeline. Multiple Cloud Environments.

Integrating with Kubernetes, Azure ARM, AWS Cloud Formation, Ansible, Terraform and beyond – Cloudify’s open source platform creates one consistent end-to-end automation solution: ‘Environment as a Service’. Cloudify enables enterprises to connect, automate and manage infrastructure and networking environments of entire application pipelines. Built for:

  1. Any Cloud: Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi clouds
  2. End-to-end: Infrastructure, networking, policies
  3. Full lifecycle: From complex configurations and deployments to day-2 automations: auto updates/scaling/healing

Cloud Provisioning Cloudify
  • Decouple

    The CI/CD pipeline from current infrastructure environment

  • Repackage

    Each environment into reusable templates, integrating with existing automation tools

  • Run!

    Now each environment serves many applications - increase time to production

The Result

Our work with leading financial organizations (TD Bank, FiCO, Morgan Stanley, Munich Re, and others) has demonstrated some incredible results:

  • Reduced deployment time by up to 98% (from 5 days to 2.5 hours),
  • 60% more velocity & accelerated time-to-value
  • 12X faster creating/ updating / scaling application environments
  • End-to-End automation of the entire stack, infrastructure and Networking: private & public clouds, VMs & Kubernetes
  • Total integration with existing tools (custom scripts, Ansible, Terraform, Cloud Formation, Azure ARM and more)
  • Elimination of human errors when securing environments for total compliance

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