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What is Open vCPE?

vCPE (virtual customer premises equipment) is rapidly becoming one of the top use cases for NFV.

Cloudify provides a self-service experience for installing, configuring and managing network services - firewalls, routers, load balances, and more - on the customer premises through a central management portal. The Cloudify Open vCPE solution is targeted for carriers and vendors that are looking for a framework to build their own custom vCPE solution. Combining network configuration framework, simple VNF on-boarding, multi-tenant service portal allows carriers to configure and deploy VNFs, build network service chains and on-board new VNFs in days, where previously weeks or months were required.

We are revolutionizing the way CPE can be delivered by replacing traditional physical CPEs with virtualized low-cost software based virtual CPE.

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Model Driven Orchestration First Approach

1/10 the cost of Infrastructure Closed Source Solution. Five times Faster Time to Production. No vendor lock-in.

Infrastructure First

  • 12- 18 month process.
  • Huge initial investment
  • Huge organization / culture change
  • Long time to value

Orchestration First

  • Optimize existing infrastructure first
  • Full Self-Service VCPE/SD-WAN in 3 Months
  • Integrates with existing CPE, BSS/OSS
  • Introduce new VNF and framework
  • Open Source, Standard, No Lock-In
  • Immediate ROI

The Challenge with Existing vCPE solutions

vCPE products are often driven by network equipment providers, AKA VNF providers. Many of whom are new startups. These solutions rely on replacing existing CPEs with a virtualized equivalent by providing self-service management (also offered as a SaaS) to manage the customer network.
This many times comes as an “over the top” option (i.e. over regular internet line) bypassing the dependency on carriers expensive MPLS lines.

However, current vCPE solutions impose quite a few challenges.

Conflicts of Interest

Many of the existing vCPE solutions cannibalize carrier's existing MPLS and CPE business. On top of this, they also provide vCPE solutions directly to enterprises, putting them in a conflicting position with that of the carrier.

Long-Term ROI and Substantial Initial Investment

Most vCPE solutions require an entirely new virtual CPE to be adopted, as well as a virtual cloud infrastructure as the basis to run their solution. This imposes a significant undertaking and large investment by the carrier to replace both their current internal and CPE infrastructure to fully adopt a vCPE solution.

As a result, carriers can’t leverage their existing assets and skill set to their advantage. In fact it's quite the contrary, those assets become a disadvantage rather than an advantage.

The Cloudify Orchestration-First Approach

Our approach is to optimize first by providing self-service and central control-planning for managing network services on the existing infrastructure and CPE (in brownfield environments). Only once that is complete, you are able to plug-in new VNFs and cloud infrastructure as needed.

The focus on automation and self-service of existing devices first enables you to realize ROI faster, and significantly lowers the initial investment cost.

With this approach we are able to deliver a fully open vCPE and SD-WAN solution from concept to production in three months, and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Cloud Native Service Chaining

    With a model-driven microservices approach it's now possible to model network services and their dependencies into a service chain. Network services can be modeled and provisioned independently from one another, and deployed as an overlay service that stitches together the input and output from each service.

  • Custom Multi-Tenant Portal

    Designed to allow customization of the specific VNF configuration screens, maps, logos, and more.

  • Generic VNF Configuration toolkit (Netconf, YANG, more)

    The configuration toolkit allows to "templatize" the configuration files that are passed into the device with input from the orchestrator engine. This model provides a flexible integration point to manage a large variety of devices without the need for specific integration with each one of them.

  • Simple VNF Onboarding toolkit

    The VNF on-boarding toolkit provides a simple wizard for automating the provisioning of new VNFs, auto-generating a TOSCA template. With the wizard users don't need to have advanced TOSCA backgrounds to automate the onboarding of VNF, and shortens the learning curve substantially.

  • Custom Monitoring

    Cloudify comes with a built-in open metrics database as well as monitoring agents. The data from the agents is sent into the metrics database and can be presented in various formats through the web user interface.

  • Proven Delivery in Production

    Our custom-built vCPE and SD-WAN solution enables the integration of existing CPE and brownfield network devices while providing maximum flexibility to plug-in new VNFs and cloud Infrastructure.

Main Business Values


  • Fully Automated

    Full automation of the end to end service lifecycle allow to reduce the labor cost that is often associated with each service interaction activation.

  • Reduce License Costs

    Reduces license cost by avoiding vendor lock-in, uses open-source models and allow better bargaining position with infrastructure and VNF vendors, and provides the flexibility to introduce new VNF and infrastructure providers without breaking the existing system.

  • Fast Deployment of New Services

    The new infrastructure provides a single point of access to the entire networking infrastructure through a single API. This would reduce significantly the ability to launch new services on top of the new platform as many of complexity that was usually involved in such project in now carved out completely.

  • Leverage Existing Skill Sets

    The use of existing PNF, VNF, and infrastructure first approach, enables us to leverage existing skill sets and significantly reduce the time it would have taken to deploy the new service.

Realize the Benefits of Open vCPE!

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