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    Edge Networking

    Cloudify’s open source edge networking, orchestration and cloud automation solution enables organizations to connect their headquarters to multiple branches at various locations, deploying and managing complete lifecycles of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, CPEs, and other multi-access Edge devices. Open edge architecture at its very best.

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    edge computing solutions

    Many organizations are deploying new features in branch offices using Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and IoT devices that require automation at the edge of the network, in turn needing edge computing solutions. The move to the edge adds new challenges that make traditional practices for network automation solutions obsolete, as they don’t fit with the scale or latency requirements of a network that now has new software and edge devices. Cloudify taps into winning cloud automation via open source architecture and next generation cloud native services. It effortlessly manages distributed containers and edge devices on both physical servers or cloud. This open edge architecture enables organizations to integrate existing and new network infrastructures under one common automation scheme, delivering the very best in cloud automation services.

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    cloud automation

    Open Edge Architecture

    Cloudify’s open source architecture with next generation cloud native services effortlessly manage distributed containers on physical servers or the cloud.

    cloud deployment

    Federated Network Architecture

    Cloudify supports large scale deployments through centralized management – so all infrastructures can meet the scale and latency requirements of edge environments.

    edge terminal

    Edge Devices

    Cloudify integrates core and other edge elements to create the best of edge computing solutions, including services that come with their own orchestration and management.

    closed loop automation

    Closed Loop Automation

    Using Cloudify in place of existing cloud automation services, organizations can easily control the cost and utilization of a specific user or application.

    Intent-based Modular Orchestration Platform

    Cloudify’s end-to-end modular orchestration platform simplifies the automation of complex systems (and cloud automation) by abstracting applications and networks from the underlying infrastructure. This model-driven automation is an intent-based system, delivering federated network architecture, closed loop automation, and allows you to focus on the desired state (the “what”) instead of the actions to get there (the “how”). Using Cloudify you can map the desired state into a set of tasks that will allocate the right set of resources needed to fulfil application demands and deliver the best in network automation solutions. Winning automation can now be achieved via 4 simple steps : design, provision, configure, manage:

    • cloud orchestration solutions


      Design your application or service orchestration plan

    • Native Cloud


      Provision your network functions in a multi-cloud environment

    • Pluggability


      Configure your devices using a simple configuration plugin

    • Day2 solutions


      - Self-Healing Auto-Scaling
      - Disaster Recovery
      - Automation Policy Management
      - Security & Multi-tenancy
      - Federated Network Architecture
      - Closed loop automation

    Implementing 5G Network Slicing with Cloudify on AWS

    Cloudify comes with native support for many AWS services including Amazon EKS, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS CodePipeline in addition to AWS CloudFormation. The combination of native integration with AWS resources, in addition to support for AWS CloudFormation allows Cloudify to work with many AWS services without depending on specific resource mapping and integration. Read the full AWS use case.

    Implementing 5G Network Slicing with Cloudify on AWS

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