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By Trammell

Deploying Your App Onto AWS and OpenStack With Hybrid Cloud Orchestration Using a Single Cloudify TOSCA Blueprint

There is no limit to the variety of system layouts. The most basic would be a database and an application on a single VM. However, very few operations teams have all of their infrastructure in one place. At Cloudify, we’ve been referring to real world scenarios with the term Hybrid...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Building Your Application for Cloud Portability - An Alternative Approach to Hybrid Cloud

In my previous post, I discussed the differences between hybrid cloud and cloud portability, as well as how to achieve true hybrid cloud deployments without compromising on infrastructure API abstraction, by providing several use cases for cloud portability. True hybrid cloud is achievable. Download the all-new Cloudify 3.4 today! Go...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Achieving Hybrid Cloud Without Compromising On The Least Common Denominator

Survey says, that hybrid cloud, what once was perceived as virtually mission impossible, is becoming pretty much mainstream. According to this survey, and this survey, some users are currently running on as many as 6 clouds simultaneously on average per organization, with an even split between private and public clouds,...

Kobi Kisos

By Kobi Kisos

From 0 to 10000X - Testing Automation + Continuous Integration for Any Environment

How we built a testing-as-service infrastructure for our team of developers using Git, QuickBuild, JClouds, Cloudify, Logstash, TestNG, Tomcat, & MySQL System testing is one of the most tedious, time consuming and error prone procedures in software development. More so when developing and testing distributed middleware products. All this, when...

Eli Polonsky

By Eli Polonsky

Coding to Various Cloud APIs Using an All encompassing Uber Abstraction Layer

Intro to JClouds JClouds, a Java framework that helps developers use cloud APIs, at its onset, was a one man shop written by Adrian Cole (@adrianfcole) who is a gifted Java programmer and architect, to say the least.  It has since been awarded the open source badge of honor equivalent,...