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Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Cloudify Manager Version 3.4 on Your Local Machine

This blog post will give you instructions on how to get Cloudify Manager up and running on your computer with a virtual machine.

Nir Cohen

By Nir Cohen

We started using Vagrant and Packer for our build process. You won't believe what happened next...

We have many artifacts to build. From Docker and machine images to potentially relocatable Python virtualenvs, node.js tar files and Windows binaries.

Michael Sverdlik

By Michael Sverdlik

Vagrant Cloud - Creating Vagrant Box Files for a VirtualBox Provider in AWS

This post was originally published on The Pain Point Many developers often need to create easily reproducible development environments – for anything from testing to troubleshooting, and even continued development across teams. To this end, many technologies have arisen to answer this need from Vagrant and VirtualBox, and even...

DeWayne Filppi

By DeWayne Filppi

Cloudify Laptop Setup Simplified

Introduction As mentioned in my previous post, there is a Vagrant box available that cuts through the complexity of setting up a box yourself.  For convenience, I'll share the steps described elsewhere, with some minor tweaks.  In this way you can have a running Cloudify manager with far fewer steps....

DeWayne Filppi

By DeWayne Filppi

Vagrant Up - Cloudify Your Desktop

While existing resources can be consulted to created a single node Cloudify 3.1 installation, a single purpose walkthrough of the process can simplify the process and save time.  The purpose of this post is to describe how to install the Cloudify 3.1 CLI, bootstrap the simple manager, and a install...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

How to Install Devstack over Virtual Box using Vagrant

Many of us often times need to develop and test on OpenStack, however this becomes cumbersome as OpenStack releases new versions, where each needs to be installed and configured from scratch. I found that a good solution is to install DevStack over a VirtualBox, but the challenge here is to...

Tamir Korem

By Tamir Korem

How to Install Heat and DevStack on Vagrant

Here’s a short post that explains how to install Heat and DevStack on Vagrant Download and install Vagrant (1.2.6). Download an Ubuntu box for the vagrant and place it in your Vagrant folder. Download this Vagrantfile and place it in your Vagrant folder: Start Vagrant and invoke the following commands:...