Give developers, and QA engineers a self-serve DevOps experience from your CI/CD.

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Integrate your DevOps toolchain into your CI/CD environment in one simple step!
Cloudify enables developers to spin up and tear down authorized development and testing environments, as well as update production environments with a few clicks.

Cloudify comes with an out-of-the-box integration with all major CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Circle-CI, GitLab, and more). Watch this video to see the integration in action.

Run updates to your development and production environment from your CI/CD. Watch a demo of Day-2 operation running from GitHub Actions. All code changes trigger from the CI/CD pipeline and perform the necessary workflows

Everything on ONE Platform


Integration and Interoperability

  • Allow interoperability with other infrastructure orchestrations such as Cloud Formation and Azure ARM; avoid costly transformation of templates.
  • Integrate Terraform and Multi Kubernetes clusters
  • Integrate Terraform and Ansible Integrate with CI/CD framework (GitOps style)
  • Integrate with ServiceNow
  • Manage dependencies between modules and Terraform files
  • Manage multiple concurrent Terraform versions (per environment); avoid painful upgrades of existing Terraform files.
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Secret Management

  • Built in secrete management
  • Multi layer inputs per deployment, tenant, environment.
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State Management

  • Manage state files in DB, allow dynamic queries of state properties.
  • Avoid free text secrets of state files.
  • Graphical view of state files.
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Dynamic Workspace (Environment)

  • Ad-hoc assignment of template to environment
  • Dynamic injection of secrets, inputs per environment
  • Use the same template across development, QA, production environments
  • Manage distributed location based environments (availability zones , clouds etc)
  • Enable tagging and label grouping per environment and allow cross-environment operations.
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Open Source

  • Apache 2 source license.
  • Available as a CLI, container, Helm package or as a service.
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Built in Workflow Management

  • Continuous update (GitOps ready)
  • Scheduled workflow and TTL
  • Auto scale, heal: Scale Terraform and the rest of your application resources as a single unit
  • Day 2 operations: configuration management, execute SSH or Ansible playbook
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Bulk Operation & Scale

  • Concurrent Runs: Run multiple Terraform modules at the same time across different accounts, tenants and clouds – as well as Terraform versions.
  • Can manage millions of concurrent deployments.
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Governance & Compliance

  • Automate and manage the approval process of promoting and provisioning certified Terraform environments between teams.
  • Built-in integration with ServiceNow.
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On-Prem & Air-Gapped Environments

  • Enterprises that uses highly secured environments often run in isolation from internet access (air gapped).
  • Cloudify allows users to package all relevant resources locally and avoid any dependency on remote resources.
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Management and Monitoring

  • Experience a central multi tenant management console to control all Terraform models and versions.
  • Monitor infrastructure drifts
  • Tenant-aware catalog service; share certified Terraform templates between teams through a catalogue service.

EaaS: High level architecture

Cloudify seamlessly integrates with your exiting toolchain, converting your terraform into certified environments. The Cloudify environments then integrate with your exiting IT-SM or CI/CD tools and workflows

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