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Cloudify Demos

Hybrid VNF Container Orchestration With Kubernetes and Docker Swarm Using Cloudify
Orchestrating An Application Lifecycle on Openstack, AWS, and VMware with Cloudify
Cloudify Management Pack with VMware vRealize Operations Demo
Cloudify Orchestration of Vyatta vCPE with Dynamic Service Insertion on vSphere
Open Source, End-to-End MEF CE 2.0 Service Provisioning PoC - Amartus, Cisco, Cloudify
Automating Deployment of a Docker Swarm Cluster on OpenStack with Cloudify
Cloudify orchestrates Fortigate VNF via Carrier Ethernet Devices using OpenStack
vIMS & vEPC Live Demo with Group Scale on VMware - Cloudify, VMware, Athonet
Hybrid Cloud Deployment of Nodejs and MongoDB on OpenStack and VMware vSphere
Deploying a Kubernetes cluster with auto-heal and auto-scale on OpenStack using Cloudify
Autoscaling Kubernetes' Microservices in a Hybrid Cloud Environment
VNF Deployment Lifecycle - vIMS Application & Service Onboarding Demo
Metaswitch Demo - Orchestration in an NFV Environment with Cloudify
VNF Deployment Lifecycle - vIMS Application & Service Onboarding Demo
Auto Healing with Cloudify on Azure - By using the ARM API
Orchestrating Kubernetes in a Hybrid Environment on OpenStack
Cloudify Murano Plugin
Deploying ELK using a TOSCA-based Cloudify Blueprint
SoftLayer Application Catalog - Powered by Cloudify
Cloudify, Jenkins and Continuous Integration
NFV Orchestration - Live IMS Example with Cloudify & Clearwater
TOSCA Orchestration for VMware vCloud Air
Cloudify Orchestrates Docker containers on IBM SoftLayer
How to create an online application catalog with Cloudify
Cloudify deploys Drupal 7 on EC2
OpenStack Heat - Bootstrap Cloudify + Install a Blueprint | Cloudify 3.0
Download & Configure Cloudify 3.0 - Part 2
Download & Configure Cloudify 3.0
Download and Configure Cloudify 3.0

Conference Talks and Community Videos

OpenStack Summit Austin | Panel: Effective Strategies for Building a Vibrant Community
OpenStack Summit Austin | How to Develop for OpenStack APIs
2016 OpenStack Summit Austin | Fully Open TOSCA Based MANO | Sivan Barzily
Orchestrating Kubernetes on OpenStack, AWS and Azure
TD BANK on Componentized Architecture and Cloud - The Importance of Partnership HD
Project ARIA
Nati Shalom on VMware Panel about Managing Operational Transformation for NFV
How to Hack a Community From the Bottom Up - Sharone Zitzman
How to Build Cloud Native Microservices with Hybrid Workloads on OpenStack
An Approach for Migrating Enterprise Applications into OpenStack
VMware vCloud Air Blueprinting with Cloudify: Webinar
Orchestration Tool Roundup - Uri Cohen & Dan Kilman - OpenStack Israel 2015
Cloudify Clip - Alex Freedland of Mirantis on Pure Play OpenStack
Cloudify Clip - Iddo Kadim of Intel on the shifting focus of OpenStack
Cloudify Clip - Robert McCaleb of HP on Orchestration as the key to cloud consumption
Cloudify Clip - Sam Melehy of Zefflin on TOSCA Orchestration for OpenStack
Cloudify Clip - Robert Cathey - Interoperability of OpenStack
Cloudify Clip - Stephen Spector of HP on the Growing OpenStack Ecosystem

The Open Source Podcast

The Open Source Podcast - Episode 2: ONAP and The Open Networking Summit
OpenStack & Beyond Episode 11 | OpenStack Day Israel 2016 Recap
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 10 | Mark Collier, Tom Thirer and Chen Leibovitch
OpenStack & Beyond Episode 9 - Live from Open Networking Summit
OpenStack & Beyond Episode 8 - Live From Mobile World Congress Talking NFV
OpenStack & Beyond Episode 7 - Ecosystem Tooling and Related Open Source Projects
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 6 Predictions for 2016
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 5 Live from the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 4: Is OpenStack Really Ready for the Enterprise?
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 3 High Availability in OpenStack
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 2 Live from the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver
OpenStack & Beyond - Episode 1 NFV & SDN in the Cloud
Monty Taylor - IBM & Flavio Percoco - Red Hat, OpenStack Day Israel
Cloudify Clip - Sam Melehy of Zefflin on TOSCA Orchestration for OpenStack
OVH at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona
Interview with Phil Robb, Executive Director of OpenDaylight at OpenStack Boston
Interview with Christian Carrasco from Onbrella at OpenStack Boston
Interview with Elhay Efrat of Amdocs - OpenStack Boston
Interview with Ross Brunson from Suse - OpenStack Boston
Interview with Greg Meyer from DataDog - OpenStack Summit Boston
Interview with Rhonda Eldridge of Technica - OpenStack Boston
Interview with Verizon Keynote Speaker Beth Cohen - OpenStack Boston
Interview with Anant Kumar & Jasdeep Sahni of Paypal at Openstack East 2016
Aptira at OpenStack Barcelona Summit 2016
Datacentered at the OpenStack Barcelona Summit 2016
SnapDeal at OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016
MercadoLibre at OpenStack Barcelona Summit 2016
Elizabeth Joseph at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona
Walmart at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona
BBVA at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona
Dmitris Moraitis and Chris Psalitis, Mist.io at OpenStack Day Israel
Walter Bentley, Cloud Architect at Rackspace and Author at OpenStack Day Israel
Erez Cohen, Mellanox at OpenStack Day Israel
Ofir Zamir, VMware at OpenStack Day Israel
Mark Collier, COO - OpenStack Foundation at the OpenStack Day Israel
Tim Bell, CERN at OpenStack Day Israel
Jonathan Bryce - Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation at OpenStack Day Israel
Jesse Proudman CTO & Founder, Bluebox at OpenStack Day Israel
Jamison Clouthier of CoreOS Live from the OpenStack Summit Austin 2016 2016
Christopher Liljenstolpe of Project Calico, Live from the OpenStack Summit 2016
Jason Baker, Editor OpenSource.com Live from the OpenStack Summit 2016
Heather Kirksey and Chris Price of OPNFV - Live from the OpenStack Summit Austin

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