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Jason Hammond, Director of Cloud Solutions demonstrates how Cloudify enables developers to self-provision and self-manage Kubernetes clusters and applications and services deployed on those clusters.
The release of Cloudify 6.4 introduces a simple approach for enabling platform engineering teams to turn their application and infrastructure resources into a self-service environment within a few hours. It delivers enhanced remote execution capabilities for day-2 operations management as well as a much simplified self-service experience for developers.
How IT service management and IT operations management make it possible to automate and enable service provisioning and day-2 operations for public and private cloud environments.
Anthony Critelli, Senior Solutions Architect will discuss our 3 steps approach to self-service environment management using the Cloudify platform.
Anthony Critelli, Senior Solutions Architect will explain some basic configuration management with Ansible.
Learn about the challenges and opportunities for managing multi-cloud, complex multi-cloud environments, and the integration between ServiceNow and Cloudify.
In this video you will learn how to execute day-2 operations using infrastructure as code patterns and our CI/CD integrations.
In this video you will taken through the first step of the Cloudify journey - deployment of resources into a cloud environment using Cloudify
This video walks you through how to deploy a Terraform Module from Cloudify's marketplace.
Welcome to Cloudify! All About Cloudify Part I
Welcome to Cloudify! All About Cloudify Part II
A brief demonstration how to get started with Cloudify to manage your Terraform environments.
Learn all about how Cloudify Environment as a Service solution is powering the next generation of multi cloud infrastructure automation. Allowing you to provide easy self service experience for your teams.
A short video to get started with the Cloudify Hosted Service.
See how easy it is to deploy a image from the Cloudify self service catalog.
This video discusses Getting Started in HelloWorld - after having your Hello blueprint.
Cloudify | ServiceNow: GettingStarted - Cloudify Environment
This video discusses how to install the Cloudify application on a ServiceNow instance.
Once Cloudify is installed, go through the Getting Started Set Up with us which will get you through the journey when first using the Cloudify application.
This video discusses Config Visibility which is determined based on the group.
This video discusses the MidServer installation steps.
Once Cloudify is successfully installed, we discuss the roles...
Cloudify |ServiceNow - Roles In Action
Once everything is configured and installed in Cloudify, we create a customized flow.
Cloudify | ServiceNow: Flow Designer Action
Cloudify | ServiceNow: GitActions
Inside Cloudify there are many actions that be used from outside of the Cloudify Application. This video discusses which and how...
This video discusses how to use the basic create environment - catalogue item and how it calls, and which APIs it employs when you try to use it.
This video shows how Cloudify can easily provision resources directly on vSphere, as well as deploying different workflows through VRA.
In this demo, we show how Cloudify connects to AWX via the new AWX plugin, and can create various resources like projects, teams, users and templates, and execute them from your Cloudify platform.
Cloudify orchestrating VMware's full suite, including integration with vSphere v7.0 & NSX-T v3
Short Cloudify demo using orchestration of a NGINX CNF and deploying it on different regional edge sites.
Being able to quickly push features from developer branches to different production environments using Gitflow and Cloudify, while allowing us to source control the application code.
In this demo we showcase how Cloudify can making deploying edge StarlingX subclouds on Kubernetes a cinch. With Cloudify's powerful Edge Orchestration platform, the world and promises of Edge are finally coming true.
In this short demo, we show how Cloudify can be used to deploy and run the same application across multi-cloud and K8S cluster (OpenShift/GKE are the examples used here).
In this short video you will be able to see how to easily run the local Hello World example webserver on your local Cloudify environment.
The easy to run Cloudify Self Service experience, making it super simple to get started with complete multi cloud orchestration.
In this demo, we can show how you can easily utilize the Cloudify self service catalog to tie into your Cloudformation templates.
Learn how you can leverage your Ansible playbooks with Cloudify and can connect them with other automation tools and platforms.
This short demo shows the integration that Cloudify has with Terraform through the use of our Terraform Plugin.
Cloudify, AWS, Altran and Intel deliver 5G slicing for MWC.
This video discusses solution Business Context, 5G core slice provisioning, 1st outpost provisioning DU&CU, K8s view, DU Grafana Statistics, and 2nd outpost provisioning DU&CU.
AWS - 5G Network Slicing demo with Cloudify.
Cloudify Short ServiceNow demo.
Demo of how Cloudify i your Orchestrator of Orchestrators demo.
Cloudify v6 Webinar. Turning Glue Code into Certified Environments.
Connor Brown | 84.51 | Use Case
Cloudify Orchestrator of Orchestrators (Dev/ QA/ Prod).
Cloudify and Kubernetes - GKE cloud-native use cases.
This video talks about the Terraform Module variables and how you can leverage Cloudify's Secret Store.
In this video you will go over a Terraform use case.
In this video you will go over a Terraform use case.
This video discusses the example blueprint in the Cloudify Terraform plugin repo.
This video discusses how to import and run your Terraform Module through Cloudify.
Deployment of a JBoss application onto multiple clouds from a single blueprint using Service Composition. This demonstrates how an application can be decoupled from the underlying cloud infrastructure. Service Composition allows the infrastructure to be modeled separately in a reusable way.

Catch up with this webinar on demand featuring ServiceNow and WWT
In this video you will learn how Cloudify makes it easy to execute bulk operations against many deployments in your environment.
In this video you will learn how to easily scale your environment - a very common day-2 operation.
in this video you will learn how Cloudify makes it easy to perform updates to your infrastructure - a common day-2 operation.
This video discusses how Cloudify can be used to perform a common Day 02 operation on your environment: application updates.
In this video you will learn how Cloudify's native integration with ServiceNow makes it easy to perform day-2 infrastructure updates using ServiceNow and Terraform.
Cloudify's seamless integration with ServiceNow allows your users to update their environments.
In this video you will learn how our ServiceNow integration can be used to require approvals for newly created deployments using Cloudify and ServiceNow.
This video explains how CLoudify integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow to deploy environments based on user requests.
Enjoy this brief demonstration how to set up your Cloudify v6.3 trial environment.
In this video you will learn how to connect Cloudify to GitHub actions for CI/CD
In this video you will learn how to deploy a Terraform module from our marketplace using Cloudify
In this video you will learn all about Terraform module variables and how to leverage Cloudify's secret store to pass them.
In this video you will learn how to import and manage your Terraform module using Cloudify.
Watch this webinar on demand ft Connor Brown from 84.51, learn how to augment Terraform & K8s, the importance of rethinking glue code & more!
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